New Phone, new problem

I just upgraded from an Iphone 6 to 8 and now I noticed a problem I’ve never had.

When adding/buying/selling multiple items I used to be able to hold down the arrows keys to quickly add hundreds of items. Now I can’t do that. Or at least it’s very very slow, like it goes up may be 1 every second instead of quickly ramping up to 100s.

I looked through settings in the game and iphone but I can’t find what changed. Is there any way to fix this? Makes selling items for food very cumbersome.

Am sure that iphone 6 is saying “that’s what you get for ditching me!”


It’s because iPhone 8 come with 3D touch. It’s in setting and you press harder to make it scroll faster

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I’ve heard that if you hit it with a hammer several times, it works best

New not always better?? Who woulda thunk it :stuck_out_tongue:

Tell that to Scopely.

Dw dude. Sure apple sells something extra to fix that

Thanks, that was my problem!


Glad it worked!

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