New phone, how to recover account

I got a new phone. How do I get my account back

Contact Scopley and give them your account information. Always write down you account code to get your account back, or if you bought anything, show them a receipt from one of your purchases.

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Everyone doesn’t have Facebook though, so the safest would be to email Scopley and hopefully they let you back in.

ty, i have my account code but have no spot were i can enter that unless im just a idiot and cant find it.

Open a ticket with support inside the game on the device where you want your account transferred to.

Edit: if your account is linked via Facebook, you shouldn’t need to open a support ticket or provide your account code. Just install the game, play through the tutorial, and when you can get to your menu, link it to your Facebook account.

Just make Facebook your never going to uses it’s easier that’s what I did

Don’t forget the receipt, without one you are f’d, when you need them to recover the account for you.
(best to just have it FB linked, if you never spent anything)

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