New phone, how do I sign in?

So I recently got a new phone and I wanted to know how to get my account up and running on rts, can anyone here help me?

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What you need to do is go on your old phone and make sure your account is linked to Facebook.

Secondly you then need download it onto your new phone then complete the tutorial at the start.

Thirdly a notification should pop up telling you to link your account then type in your details for Facebook and sign in.

Finally it should give you the option to transfer the game progress onto your new device or unlink and link the new account the one you should choose is transfer your account and you progress should be on your new device.

Also if you lose your old account on your old phone that is completely normal.

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It’s not letting me. It says app is longer available or restricted

Not available? Where does it say that? In your app store? A pop up after loading the game?

The pop up while trying to link my account to Facebook

Have you ever made a purchase?

Yeah, one too many lmao

You can bypass Facebook if there’s a problem. Just contact support and have your old account number, a screenshot of your last purchase receipt, current region, player level & whatever else you can think of to identify the the account.

Got it thank you

How do I contact support?

The best way to do it is in-game on the device you want the account moved to. Menu/Options/Support. If you can’t get to that for any reason, you can also open a ticket on the web.

Scopely: new phone, who dis?

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