New phone account transfer


I got my new I phone today and each and every time I have gotten a new phone my walking dead account automatically transfers across no issues, today I logged my new phone into the game centre and it’s started the game fresh and is not coming up with the “would you like to transfer your account” how can I resolve this?

Did you link your old account to FB? If not, link on your old phone then go to your new phone, to the tutorial, then link.

You might have unlinked your account on your old phone…


Thank you bud I shall give that a go and keep ya updated lol

Just checked on my old phone the account is linked but won’t work

Play through the tutorial on your new phone. When you can get to the menu, do menu/options/link account and link it to the same facebook that you have linked on your own phone.

If that fails, open a ticket with support from your new device and ask to have your account transferred. You’ll need to give them some info and provide a receipt to prove that the account is yours and then they’ll move it to your new device.

Just curious, are you changing from android to ios or vice versa? Usually if you aren’t switching, the link button works just fine.


Managed to get it sorted woke up this morning and the game is all there and transferred in one piece it seemed it just needed time for the button to work lol but thank you guys all resolved

Out of curiosity has anyone ever unlinked their account and relinked? My accounts unlink button became available to push after changing regions. Im unsure what i linked it to almost 3 years ago. Was curious if i could unlink and relink it to my facebook. Im getting a new phone and would feel much better knowing its linked correctly @LadyGeek do you know? I asked support and they never actually answered tnat question. I asked more than 1.question i think i confused them.

Don’t know if it would help but I unlinked my main account on my old phone then was able to link my account on my new phone and it brought up the account I’m furthest in

I haven’t done it by my faction mates do it all the time with no issues.

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Im worried if i hit unlink it will somehow screw me lol also wierd thing is i remember someone when i first started that told me to link my game. I hit that link button but dont remember actually linking it to anything. I hate that the game is linked to some outside source. Why not have a password or even just be linked to Google like the rest of the games. All my other google app stuff in past auto updatea and downloads once my Google is signed in.

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