New Patch Update Compatibility with Samsung Phones


Hi Scopely,

Like what you have done with the place, what I don’t like is that every time there is anything larger than a minor update I’m sidelined from the game for a month until it also becomes compatible for my phone (Samsung S7 Edge - from what I see the S8 is also after affected)

I don’t get why every. Single. Time. This is the case?

Update incompatible - Samsung galaxy s7 edge
Major Issue, Need Help!
Major Issue, Need Help!
New update is not compatible with device

Hmm maybe @CombatDevIl or @CombatMan can help


Yep, we’re aware of that and tracking it down, but looks like it is not related to our game in specific, other games are getting this issue ATM too. It seems related to cache issues and you can try rebooting your cellphone, there are some players fixing it by doing that.


Here, could you try this?


For the s7 edge the compatibly issue lays in the hardware the app can’t scale to QuadHD it is how the app is programmed.

Scopely I will tell you how to fix the code

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But seriously a way to fix it is to sidload the app (install from alternative non official store eg app mirror, apk pure etc (be careful though as may contain malaware, have avg, avast etc installed first), you will get some slight scaling issues on display (bits of screen missing) but most of it will work.


Dude you rock!

Clearing the Google playstore cache and data then restarting the phone has made it so I can play the installed game but looks as though it now isn’t on the playstore I’ve not been able to play beta for a while but I’ll live.



Thanks Combat Devil!!


I uninstalled the game, hoping that by re-downloading it the problem would resolve itself. However, the game isn’t even showing up in the play store now. I’ve cleared cache, rebooted phone, and tried every other obvious thing and I can’t get the game back


Hi there, I changed your title from “First Rant on the New Forum” to something more specific so that it may help others see this topic who are experiencing similar issues.



Title pretty much says it all… opened game and forced to update. Google store says device not compatible…


New Patch Update Compatibility with Samsung Phones Follow that link.

And then scroll up, apparently… Not used to the new forums yet…


Pretty sure theres a thread about this already…


I came to forums and didnt see a thread about the issue right away so i made one. I unfortunately uninstalled and tried to reinstall only to find out it wouldn’t let me. Other suggested fix doesn’t work.


download an apk pack of it for now to it gets fixed


I have merged the threads, ty!


Is there a reason why the new update would not be compatible with my device? In game it says it needs to be update. When I click ok it takes me to Google play store but says it’s not compatible.


Naming your device might help. :thinking:


Samsung galaxy s7 active


Yeah that’s way too recent a phone to be incompatible. Sounds like an issue. Hmm faction mate mentioned something about a needing an update today… you might not be alone.


This happened not to long ago on an update. I uninstalled and after a while it allowed me to reinstall but took some time. Just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem, if so how did they fix it.