New p2p beta event


Everyone this event is p2p and not f2p because it’s called a Premium event same as the revive carl event was a Premium event so please dont be mad about this because stuff like this isnt surprising coming from Scopley


its not p2p its p2w


In order to “win beta” you must pay…

This makes it pay2win

i know I’m being a smartass but just thought I’d correct you

Feel free to prove me wrong by getting beta for free


Of by getting Beta and finding out that you have to pay cash money every single time you want to use him - that would make him pay to play


Are you guys kidding me/us? To “play” this event you have pay. So this “event” is p2p. This whole game is p2w.


Smh sad yall gotta try to “correct” me over something so stupid when all I’m trying to do is tell people you need to buy items to get beta yall are childish af


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