New Onslaught? When?

We havent had a faction onslaught in over a month, where have they gone? They were fun to me, even if rewards could be improved.


Hopefully never it’s trash


If we had milestones and stuff then sure bring it back but honestly it failed to make scopes profit so it was cut

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If we’re lucky never. Good riddance to bad rubbish.


What was good about onslaught? The gold mods some got. But my faction mates could only get bronze and 2k wood. Seems legit to put a quota on it.

Oh and I forgot 50 coins for 1 energy. Gtfoh with that bs.

I enjoyed it no idea why it gets such hate. It is low stress event that can get some good mods. Just really needs a log to see defense performance.


No milestones no motivation. Care to test out your defense? Stop ghosting and see how well you do.

Bring it back with milestones.

It’s biggest advantage over war was that you didn’t need 6 or 8 ppl to actively sign up so at least you can have a go whenever it suits you.

If they give us milestones,better rewards and drops then ok.

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