New offer style-Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

So Scopely just dropped an offer with a chance at blue Michonne ascendable or 3,000 5-Star recruit tokens

Should we expect to see more offers like these in the future?

Is this a good style for future offers?

When the picture on sale is more intresting than the sale items…


Depends what the next offers are.

I’m just interested to see how the odds change for her.

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Someone pull and let us know. I already have her or I would have

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“The next offer with have better chances to recruit her at the same price” basically says 10% actually = 0. The RNG in this game is beyond ridiculous.

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Yeah if anyone does the offers, post the next offer here. I wonder how much the odds increase.

Guess it’s better than the .1 percent chance of doing a forty pull.


Omg they almost got me lol I was gonna buy it and then noticed the chance …lolol good try @JB.Scopely


Thumbs up. I really enjoy the higher rates fir *5 tokens just to get another dupe zeke and kenny. Not… :roll_eyes:

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Hahah I also almost did it :-)! LoL

Nah she should be the same price with 100% odds haha. I would have brought her.

Even if the odds increase by 10% each time they still suck.

Yeah still sucks big time, I don’t know what they are thinking - but hey there are som me stupid people that think they get her xD

Imagine spend like 100 dollars for a 5* and you need time to ascend her, come on…

This type of offer is a joke! Odds are so bad and the alternative isn’t even a 5* pull. The audacity of this company is shocking.


This is a deceptive offer and should be reported to apple/google immediately … talk about some snakes lol wow a new low


Better odds than pulling from the wheel i guess.

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an offer to have a chance to get her lmao

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I don’t get why people think this is a bad offer. 10 percent compared to 1 percent which isn’t even 1 percent cause it’s 1 percent of an ascendable. I must be missing something.

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i wonder what the follow up offers are…