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Subtab 9? Somebody miss a deadline there Scopely?

I have the same issue.

Subtabs are my favorite tabs.

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Subtabulous… so much subs not enough tabs

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It’s part of the “diamond token” problem. That tab gets hooked onto another tab and then they both have the same name. So you either got two diamond token tabs, or two survivathon tabs, whichever was refreshed the last.

I think the subtab9 is trying to address this in the 26.1 but has not yet been fully rolled out

“Here at Scipley we believe in only the best for our players. That is why we employ only the finest programmers and we triple check every line of code so you can be assured that when it goes live everything works according to plan and as intended…”


Oh wait. Everything is still broken and bug ridden. It was just a bad dream. Whew. :smirk:


Unfortunately, but true, it continues to survive. :man_facepalming:

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