New negan has no taunt


The negan has no taunt yet the news says he does…fake news?


They changed it almost instantly!! Why cant they change war prizes in the next 8 hours!!


Taunt would of made him pretty sweet…


because it is not a refund reason for false advertisement, hence it does not cost them money.


I guess anyone can pull and get him and then refund by sending that screenshot to apple support saying false advertising!!


Lol, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone tries that. They better have the first screenshot though.


rofl save it before this gets closed&removed then.


He is very underwhelming as a 6-Star. Since maim is fixed damage we can see clearly that his 5-Star AR us better. It goes at 45 AP, 500 maim damage plus two rounds of 200 bleed to line of enemies. 6-Star AR does 600 to a line and that’s it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he is supposed to taunt and they fucked it up. I mean, without taunt his rush gets CLEARLY downgraded on ascendence.

@CombatMan @CombatDevIl can you shed some light here? Thanks!


@Hashi, I think the ad text was the mistaken one, because to fix a fighter skill is harder, it is not a thing of 5 minutes as the ad text was fixed, then that wasn’t a hushed nerf, and @Agrajag is one of the character designer, he can assure you that this Negan AR was never planned to have Taunt too.


Thanks for the reply!

But still, what about the fact that a T1 Level 1 5-Star AR does more damage than a T4 maxed Legendary?

By design?‭




I’d say his rush is better. The Maim damage is higher and the crit buff is higher. The only thing you lose out on is the bleed, but that can be cured more easily than maim anyways, and the bleed damage can be healed whereas the additional maim damage can’t (unless maim is cured). Plus Legendary stats are innately better than Epic stats.


While Maim is a cool new feature to toy around with, the 600 flat (maim) damage are really low. Sure, bleed is easier to cure, but if the enemy doesn’t bring a character who gets rid of Bleed, the pure damage output of the 5* rush will exceed the output of the 6* by 100 points in the first. Plus another 200 in the next round.

The better crit boost is also not too much of a big deal unless you use guardians. For the 5* Negan, the crit at least has a synergy with his Hemorrhage skill. But well, you could use it for walker stages. ^^

I really feel, that the 600 flat damage is just too low compared to other legendary rushes that dish out multiple times that amount of damage. It sure has some niche applications but this rush won’t leverage your team to a new level (unlike for instance Shiva’s rush coupled with confuse).

Oh and btw… 6* Negans rushs starts with 500 Maim and no crit on level 1/10 at 70 AP.
So you need to invest some trainers to get more out of him than the 5* rush has at 1/10.


Yeah, when I saw this Negan I thought: “wow 600 of damage to a line, this is great!” but in reality it’s very limited, ok, it has utility, but like a 6* it’s too much limited, it has a good ability leader, but is limited to strong chars, and have 600 of damage(when is level up) but is only this, it gives critical, but this is useless, if at least has a special damage, like confuse, stun, impair, bleeding or burning it will be great, but now is discouraging.


The leader skill is okay-ish, as long as you don’t have a Carl. But your team still gets shred by the all the Mirabelle lead teams out there.

The rush is hands down disappointing. I already stopped using Negan in my raid team again. I’ll level him and try him out at a later stage though. But for now my Shiva deals more damage in a regular attack, than his rush does.

Maybe his rush will shine when everybody runs leveled out 6* teams with high def-values, so you won’t deal as much damage as you do now. But at the moment I really feel it’s useless. It’s not even enough to take a 4* down. What a bugger.