New Museum Toons!

Who y’all gonna get?

If possible, Eric.

Already have the other 2 so Yvette. :sunglasses:

I know who i won’t get…


yvette for my new team

Ive gor all 3. So I might save my necklaces in case they get reused sometime in the future. Like with the screwdrivers and the like

I’m guessing Jeremiah?

Probably jeramiah for an attack team I’m working on

I doubt scopely will let that happen again

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Yvette for me. Alread have the other 2 and I don’t like duplicate toons

Probably Eric or Jeremiah, I’m not much of a melee person myself.

Eric or Yvette for me, both would help my teams

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You could use a Yvette for that team imo

I have them all so guess I’ll just grab as much fodder as possible… =-(

Pshh,give them to me then

Eric or Yvette as I already have Jeremiah

Yvette - focus and recover up to 120% health is so tempting…

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I already have all of the toons up for grabs, but I’m going for a second Eric. You can never have too many revives

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Yvette. Atleast if the Ascendance finally gives me another Eric. Used all Others as Fooder before logically

Could use a new ranged supporter on attack so most likely Jeremiah.