New museum collections for SC members



Wow, that’s great. Now hopefully we can actually get enough comics for free to get some of these.


Zach? No ducking way. That instantly gives value to sc (unless its limited time) and rewards long time sc-members

You’re only 11 months away from getting a free Zach!


Not the thread for this. Delete it.


Ah sadness so basically only whales who didnt upgrade julie or andrea because those toons useless to them get rewarded with zach :frowning:


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It’s more like monthly since we getting like 15 comics a month for free.

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Is this currently in the museum for SC members? And anyone know if comics are needed to level up toons like jesus and zach??

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Well, at least you can get Jesus who is a great human shield.

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Im not falling for it, 105 comics for missions which take 7 months … museum collection closes in 41 days …

SC weekly roadmap giving 6 comics each week out of a possible 12 maximum (i know i got 6 comics a total of 14 out of 16 weeks)

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Ill do the free missions ofcourse. Will see if i have finish julie or get another dupe … but worth doing as much as i can with my limitations ive put myself on

Yeah, it’s 3 1/2 to 4+ months of weekly collection plus weekly roadmap (depending upon how many comics you get from the crates.

I grabbed jesus and uninstalled the game, be back in 4 months :+1:

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