New museum collection were leaked

U know where to find em

How about post them for us

They are p2p, I’ll post em l8r

Yea its full p2p event for human shield magma and some 6* gear…nothing for f2p…

Good! More shields. There aren’t enough.


If you have these toons, you probably already have magna, so here take another one with impair gun lol



Seems like you basically need to have successfully pulled certain toons to get the gravy boat to exchange for Magna and/or gears/weapons.

As if those who had already pulled toons like Harper, Camila still need a Magna lmao. Scopely logic as usual :crazy_face:


Lmao. This forum is useless. They don’t hear us at all.


What are those things?

They look like gravy boats!

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Souce containers

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I’m surprised it doesn’t require a fulled leveled Andrea shield. Maybe they forgot and will add her to the requirements later.

Not before apologising and then resetting everyone’s Andrea back to 5* level 1.

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Why is everyone so dumb? The reward for having those toons is 800 *whatevers. The cost to get Magna & the weapon is 500 *whatevers. So maybe, just maybe, there will be another way to earn them…?
Everyone is always so quick to criticise based on 3 second reactions to leaked info…

Umm surrrreeee lol hey at least your positive . You must be new here


They don’t give out brownie points.sorry

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Well,we’ll see soon. It would be nice if they offer them gravy b…syrup pourers. I say it still looks like a gravy boat to me in my opinion.

In milestone events . I totally get on track from what I was saying just then lol

Lava…lol where did u get that from?