It’s silly to you, that’s your opinion, but it I don’t have issues with preimum collections as they are labelled as such aka, transparency


LMFAO it’s these simpler things in life that make me happy

I once had a lady ask me how to spell a word, i spelt it for her and she continued to tell me it looks wrong lol like i know how to spell it, you didn’t … you asked me

I think many people in this game just don’t want to read anything until someone shows them a picture

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Fixed it because clearly you are only talking about yourself (as you do quite often). A lot of “OG” players still spend and there is no way you can accurately put a percentage on the amount of players that are no longer spending but great sarcasm, it went over very well.


yes … that’s what my personal opinion is … it’s about MY Personal opinion you absolute melt


I did a free pull and a 10 pull I’m happy


If it’s your opinion then why name others? Why say “we” when you mean “I”? You’re just over dramatic trying to make your point :laughing:


This is actual one of the better deals they had in years with increased chances however they aren’t gen 2 toons so naw not worth your money.


Camilla is the first gen two at least


No because i talk to people, either in my faction and/or on line chats and its the general consensus on this game.

When i say me i do mean me, when i say others or we its because i am speaking with others, i have no need/no benefit to lie about anything as im an old ass man who doesnt refund warrior or anything, i just play the game and hoped to get good deals/pulls and when i see something that can be better constructed or modelled better i will give my opinion. nuff said


Michelle crying in the corner


Technically she is a fusion lead, she doesn’t help greens


Melee attack lead as in yellow+green. Last time I checked, there was no f2p lead for greens.

For yellows purely we had Rick already, for red Tara and blue Andrea.

So I’d say we’re missing a trait still.


Nope, sorry. Removing one of the better toons (the current meta is all about bringing decaps) from the 5* wheel and then hiding it behind a paywall is a slap in the face in my book. Alpha is a crucial toon for non-spenders. And yes, I am butthurt that I haven’t got her yet.


She’s really hard for f2p to use anyway. She’s only good behind Alice diego or Camilla. Especially with the gen 2 toons. The meta is moving away from revive anyway. Building a team around Michelle is the way to go right now.

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She isn’t that hard to use. Buff her weapon and mods, point her at a wounded character and chop their head off with that mother fuckin’ huge chainsaw.

I think what you mean is that without a huge AP lead, her rush is slow. But you don’t need her to rush to put her to good use…

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Again, Green Abe is crying you forgot about him.


got her on a 10 pull from free coins, so bye bye collection lol

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And he will continue crying until they change him to an AP+ATT lead.

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But he’s still a melee attack lead. His AR and active may not be god tier, but his lead is actually pretty useful for Disarm/Guardian. It’s the only reason why I’m hesitant to have Camilla replace Abe.

Also, more crits=more damage, ergo, melee attack lead.


Yea she’s good like that if you want the raid to last 10 turns sure.

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