I just say onething!



actually means you can get two 5* ascendables for 50 pulls if you do Harper Roadmap I believe (of course, have to not fail) 50 bottles for the entire roadmap, 100 rewarded. This seems like one of the better premier ideas they have done and it is much more accessible to people rather than it being aimed at the top x% (Harper is that top x% collection)


wah wah stop crying if your luckly with coin box pulls you can do a 50 pull by saving if you hit 250/2.5k


Shhhhhh. Otherwise Scopley will stealth nerf the odds of those coins…


wah wah i know odd drops for them :wink: costs 3600 cakes :wink:


Was hopeful this would be a free event, was hoping to enjoy this, then saw which toons it was gonna be, laughed and tossed the game aside.


Never suggested harper should be for free, pls read the entire post before assuming it’s another free to play wanting something for free.

This event isn’t a premium event, other events where it’s a pay to win event have been labelled premium. This collection is not.

Also no one gets anything for free and never suggested that, I need to repeat again. Players grinder and spend time and resources so nothing is true of free in that sense.

But again read the entire post please


If you can’t get the collection items for free, it is indeed considered a premium event. You can use free coins sure, but with other events you can also use them, they’re usually optional for the event. This one you need to use them for the event.


so if they labeled it premium you would have been okay with it? How silly.

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It is likely there will be more roadmaps. My estimation is: 25 pulls for a final reward of 100 bottles. Assuming no fail on roadmaps.


5 pulls for 5 bottles, turn to 10 on the Camilla map. Assuming we get Alpha, Chris and Glenn versions as well, that will be 20 pulls for 20 bottles which will turn to 40 after completion of the maps.

10 more pulls for 10 more bottles takes you to 50.

You can then run the Harper map to turn 50 of those into 100 bottles and therefore two characters for the cost of 30 pulls.

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Harper Gauntlet: Guide

Pass. Super pass uber pass. Events shouldn’t make the players have to pay for them. Events should be a grind in my opinion.


Why? We have a grind event for the cupcakes. The premium event is for the spenders.


Yes. You are right.


Good post. Keep surviving…


Only one 10 pull

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What are those roadmaps looking like is the question…


Because stats are second to a character’s kit?

Glenn and Camilla won’t do anything new for me,(especially since Abe’s lead works better with Guardian and Disarm) but being able to get Harper will be a godsend.

She has stun on attack, disarm, multi-attack, and an AR that can cripple the whole team significantly. Higher stats, until a certain point, amounts to nothing as long as I can control the battle. It’s why I keep using SR Zeke on offense. He often survives until his AR, and he acts more of a support character with his stun weapon by making my team strong enough throughout the battle.


Tht wheel is killer. Idk what the odds are but they have been changed


You rule! I haven’t seen anyone ever reference this movie. Fair is fair!

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