If it’s your opinion then why name others? Why say “we” when you mean “I”? You’re just over dramatic trying to make your point :laughing:



This is actual one of the better deals they had in years with increased chances however they aren’t gen 2 toons so naw not worth your money.



Camilla is the first gen two at least



No because i talk to people, either in my faction and/or on line chats and its the general consensus on this game.

When i say me i do mean me, when i say others or we its because i am speaking with others, i have no need/no benefit to lie about anything as im an old ass man who doesnt refund warrior or anything, i just play the game and hoped to get good deals/pulls and when i see something that can be better constructed or modelled better i will give my opinion. nuff said



Michelle crying in the corner



Technically she is a fusion lead, she doesn’t help greens



Melee attack lead as in yellow+green. Last time I checked, there was no f2p lead for greens.

For yellows purely we had Rick already, for red Tara and blue Andrea.

So I’d say we’re missing a trait still.



Nope, sorry. Removing one of the better toons (the current meta is all about bringing decaps) from the 5* wheel and then hiding it behind a paywall is a slap in the face in my book. Alpha is a crucial toon for non-spenders. And yes, I am butthurt that I haven’t got her yet.



She’s really hard for f2p to use anyway. She’s only good behind Alice diego or Camilla. Especially with the gen 2 toons. The meta is moving away from revive anyway. Building a team around Michelle is the way to go right now.

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She isn’t that hard to use. Buff her weapon and mods, point her at a wounded character and chop their head off with that mother fuckin’ huge chainsaw.

I think what you mean is that without a huge AP lead, her rush is slow. But you don’t need her to rush to put her to good use…

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Again, Green Abe is crying you forgot about him.



got her on a 10 pull from free coins, so bye bye collection lol

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And he will continue crying until they change him to an AP+ATT lead.

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But he’s still a melee attack lead. His AR and active may not be god tier, but his lead is actually pretty useful for Disarm/Guardian. It’s the only reason why I’m hesitant to have Camilla replace Abe.

Also, more crits=more damage, ergo, melee attack lead.



Yea she’s good like that if you want the raid to last 10 turns sure.

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Green Abe is a f2p melee lead.



But he is still not an AP lead. I’m not arguing that he is not a melee lead, but like I said, I am talking about leads with AP on attack and ATT. That’s why I listed toons like Rick, Tara and Andrea for the other traits.

I’ve been playing with him a fair bit, he just doesn’t complement my roster very well.

See above.



The current meta is turn 1/2 teams my guy, decapitates aren’t really needed atm unless u face one of the basic lydia teams or ericka teams.



May wanna rephrase your previous statements a bit then, you said f2p melee attack lead, and he is one. Obviously now I know what lead you mean, but still it’s kind of hard to know when all I see is “f2p melee attack lead”.



So let me toss in my two cents here this is actually a decent event. You get 1 guaranteed recruit who is very good that has a relevant weapon already on them for 50 wine bottles seems like a good deal even better that they have the other road maps for each character so for 5 pulls you net 5 for each map you do so after all 4 maps (not including harper map) you’ll end up with 30 bottles and a bunch of gear along the way then if you want to compete Harper’s map you just need 20 more bottles so for the price of 25 pulls (wine bottles) you can get 100 bottles for 2 premier toons. Not to mention you can still get lucky and get a toon just for trying. It’s a pretty solid deal.