So, you need champagne bottles to obtain those toons to then get a chance at harper… how do u get these bottles tho?

You get these bottles via road map… ah sweet ones… no… the roadmaps also take champagne bottles to use them… alright, that’s not idea, so where can I get these champagne bottles from!!!..

From a wheel that you have to pay for with coins, pay for 1 pull and guess how many champagne bottles you get?.. wait 4 it… 1! And hold on* for 250 coins you can get… a 90% chance or an ultra rare recruit.

Are you kidding me? I really really hope this isn’t the case, I expect some grinding but really, you have to pull 100 times, that’s, 18,900 coins to complete the road maps to get all required toons the u have to go through it again 50 times to get enough to get 50 more champagne bottles to get harper.

If your lucky and already have those toons then you just need to pull from that wheel and most play to win players will probably have that and will probably get dupes too. But still at 10k worth of coins.

I really hope alternative ways will be given to get these bottles, so that f2p and p2p can at least get a chance of picking up 1 toon, cos we don’t want the earth but abit of dirt would be nice, through grinding etc… but so far it looks like that’s chance is gonna be a big fat zero.


another issue is if you were to get all toons and want to redeem harper you would have to max the other toons.
Oh wait no gear !


gear sale soon, 100 bucks for a canteen


Why do you need to compete the road maps?

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Don’t like it? Don’t pay

But for those who do, 50 pulls guarantees you an epic like Alpha or Camilla which is a lot better than anything that went before it. Gamble those bottles and you might get a couple. With your pulls you may even get enough for Harper.

Yes you have to pull a sh*t tonne to get all four toons, but when has it been any other way?

Why should F2P be given an opportunity to get these toons? They’ve had premier only collections in the past so that is what this is.


I think this collection for mid-speders/f2p with good amount of saved coins (9200/10400) is pretty ok.

A guaranteed toon of your choice (except for Harper) at 45 pools + roadmap completion or 50 pulls without it.

For big whales/collector it seems a decent deal too.


If you don’t like it, don’t pay for it…


Not to mention the fact that in order to complete the Harper gauntlet you need a S11 team.

I have seen a S10 but it’s rare, is S11 even possible!!!


You have never actually needed a team of that grade, it is just a difficulty rating

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Oh alright, I was worried they were going to go a little overboard with that… it’s still the highest I’ve ever seen.


I just got a canteen with the login stash. #fairisfair image


Don’t do the road map it murders u half way it’s a waste


This is actually a great deal from Scopely if you want one of these toons​:+1::+1::+1::+1:


More to the point … why bother purchasing gen1 toons anyway … save for gen2 now

oh wait F2P~ dont want to save/spend

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Some people just don’t have luck with pulls I did a 3 ten pulls and got nothing


I’d probably agree, but a lot of F2P are lacking that elusive Melee Huge AP leader skill, so Camilla would be worth investment if you were inclined to invest


Can’t See the joke


How many you pulled buddy?

I’m actually excited about this one, i’ve been saving some coins for any possible amber premier and since i haven’t been getting anyone good enough, i also have the gear but the key is gonna be if roadmaps are really hard or if i could actually get any toon that’s on the museum from my pull


i don’t have her either, spent alot and although this is a great promotion in my eyes its way to late a deal breaker for me, i only need 50 bottles for camila then to level her up max and i get harper BUT im outspent on this game, its taken too much for me to get back into it and they are gen1, scopely has a great way of doing these collections/promos to then throw it under the bus with a new promo gen2 who wipes the floor with them

either way you look at it, releasing zachary and all that he does has ruined it for ALOT of people, its hard enough keeping myself interested in the game let alone players who spent big 3 month sago to seeing their teams useless now


Lmao… harper for free?? Come on. People are clueless.

Side note: this is an amazing and cheap way to get Camilla. She’s a beast.