New Morgan too OP plz nerf



why bother? they wont unless they wirte something wrong in the details then they will have to.


Because he’s the antichrist and with him is coming the in game apocalypse =l


He isn’t OP


Another premium, power-creep toon?
One that makes the last ones irrelevant?

Scopely wouldn’t do that to us?


they have said that with pretty much every toon that has been coming out since the birth of erika.

For one I doubt he’ll get nerfed and I say this because everyone should know that this company doesn’t know the meaning of game balancing.

They just know how to pump out more hot garbage into the game untill people stop buying said hot garbage.

for example this is some hot garbage for you.

would you buy this hot garbage?


It’s people like these that makes me wonder if they even know how in game combat effects etc work


Yes that would look amazing with my Halloween deco


As a scopely stock investor, yes.
As a scopely game player, no


I mean look at this. The new Morgan basically has this Negans rush ad his active skill.


and that negan is total trash.


i dont think he is going to change the game much is he strong yes but, this game anymore is all cc…


It’s people like you who make me wonder why you put so much faith in RNG AND if you even know previous characters. What makes him OP? His skill that gives him one turn IF he kills an enemy? Or his Weapon that gives you a 50% chance of it being good? To be OP you have to be consistent and not rely on a chance of something happening

PS Akio has a higher attack stat, does only 25% less damage on AR with an higher attack stats and has waste not. Where is her OP tag


Morgan on paper appears to have OP tendencies. But he will not A increase any top players atk speed, or B change the landscape of attacking/defending as we know it.


With Fast Wayland, Marlon & his pup Rosie, Romo, Niya, and Shiva out there, behind a Fast Rick…yeah, not too worried about new Morgan, not really all that OP.


you won`t find him on def anyway


I am sure we will see some behind a Lydia and Jesus Shield


Just by typing that makes me sure you don’t know anything at all. Whenever he kills an enemy doesn’t have to be with rush, he can attack again. And if he does kill another enemy he can go again, and then there’s the fact that he can be commanded also. Oh and the focus he has for 4 turns that ignores human shield, Taunt and confuse. Or just the maim damage that ignores bonus hp and the ability to heal back up anything that has been lost? Yeah sure buddy


This Muffin vs Bane debate is getting interesting, wheres my popcorn? my money is on Bane though


Awh man.