New Moon Fever: Supply Markers Random Encounter

More specifically, I’m asking about what teams you guys use to win the random encounters. I’m in need of supply markers because every other thing for a ascendable epic sucks the fat one and who knows if they’ll be a free one next month, let alone a RANGED one. So I’m stockpiling trainers and toons in the event an extreme sale happens on one. However, since the update, my usual team that wins the encounter the majority of times have been on a 0 W/L ratio and it’s rather frustrating. So what people do you use for this? My highest camps are Lvl. 16 by the way.

I assume every RNG based Element in the game is both stacked against me and broken.

Don’t do the mission unless it’s guaranteed.


Not following what you are asking. I don’t lose scavenger missions. Just meet the minimum requirements and add a certain toon.

I’m talking about RANDOM ENCOUNTERS in the mission New Moon Fever. Before the update, I use to pass the one that rewards me with Supply Markers occasionally but now it’s like I’ve been struck by bad luck and have been failing left and right. I use the same team that consists of the ideal team suggested by a user who created a Scav Mission bonus file for gaining the encounter AND the specific toons that the game suggest for increase the odds of success but they don’t seem to be working. Now I’m asking those who continue to pass it post-update what team they use.

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Thank you. I’ll try it after completing tonight’s SR.

I always have a command toon in there too. I get bonuses on most available missions with my set up

Not that the individual toons matter but this team has been my most lucky

You’ll only need command for 50coin missions though.

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Why did Backagain above get flagged by the flaggy flaggy forum fools?

I’ll dig out my scav camp sheet and share it on the forums, especially as Scopley have censored,…er… forgotten to pay the hosting bill on the old forum where my extensive work on the Scav camp was detailed

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I can’t tell you how often I shared that document with people, but still every time people are surprised it is there.

I love how often people are complaining about lack of refills and I get a couple a day just using the information you provided. I has allowed me to play F2P for a long time now while never having to worry on what I will spend my refills.

so thanks again for all the work you did on it

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No worries. Shocked that the camps still haven’t been updated, I haven’t touched the sheet since January 2017!
I’ve created a new thread on my sheet if anyone is interested


Yeah but use one anyways especially if it helps make it a guarantee.then you can use this team to for all encounter missions instead of needing to set several.

Didn’t spot this, but not true. Fast, Alert, Citizen and Rebel were all shown as being consistently required by my data.

Admittedly I wasn’t recording specialist skills of the teams

What do you mean not

Yeah that list does look familiar, what was your source?

(Spoiler alert: Me)

What I meant was, as you can see in that information, you need a Fast, Alert, Citizen and Rebel as well as a Command to succeed the 50 coin bonus random encounter. I would note I never conclusively proved that the command was necessary as I never looked at it initially and therefore the majority of the data didn’t actually capture whether the team had a specialist skill or not and therefore I never had the data to be able to prove it as conclusively as I would have liked. However the other four elements, which I noted because they were missing from your post above, are definitely definitely required.

It is worth noting that, with the higher value bonus rewards, the chance of getting does not appear to be guaranteed even if you meet the requirements, therefore I logged multiple instances of teams meeting the requirements but not getting the bonus, and teams not meeting the requirements but getting the bonus. However my requirements are usually based on a pretty high correlation from tens of outcomes (I logged close to 2,000 missions in total thanks to some assistance).

How much data you got to back that up? I have 66 instances of this RE and 39 ending with success. All 39 of those had a Fast and Rebel, 35 also had Alert and 34 also had Citizen. That is a pretty high correlation (the other persona/traits are generally less than 50% of the successes).

I have five instances where command was used, 3 successes and 2 failures. I actually have more successes where a Neutralise (6) was used or Parting Shot (4) so I cannot confirm. But I know @Partizan was a firm believer in Command being the requirement so I am not denying it is also required, just that my research is based on a lot of data and I have not validated Specialist Skills as a requirement. I am however denying command is the sole requirement.