New mods and thanks scopes

I feel like after all the horror that’s happened with scopely this summer, after the vb column and all the hoopla. The dry spell. The endless bitching, we’ve came to a enpass. Thank you Scopes. For the 2 free S class, for the chance to earn other S class, for the mods update and stores/wheel update, going into next year looks a lot brighter now. And I don’t think your praised nearly enough for the good you actually do. Thanks to you and your admins who take our request back to you. You guys are the best , you still have a crapload to fix, and we could use some hordes, but good job. Okay. I opened a bunch of bronze/ gold/ silver mods I had stored up from prizes and to my delight I find these mods. Cross hairs resist and disarm resist. Finally! Yeah only the bronze had them, so my question is did they even come out in gold/ silver yet? I had more current bronze so maybe that’s why I only see them in bronze atm?

I got a silver disarm resist recently. So I imagine so

Cool. Thanks.


Alright! That made my day! Thank you!

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Your profile pic is perfect. Lmao


Its old. Lol. From when I first began. I’m level 106 now. And have put the time in. Lol.

Between my disarms piss poor crit rate and now disarm mods basically just gonna remove them from every team

Its like why make a disarm toon or crosshairs toon when your going to issue a mod to disqualify the abilities. Its like poisoning us then giving us the antidote. Lol. What’s the point? But I’m glad bc those disarm where hell on my Christa. Now she will be armed against them. Lol.

I got gold ones so they are out in gold

I got this one from the random mod box in supply depot.

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Is level up based on chance and is increased when you do 10 attempts

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