New Michonne vs Erika teams


no counter for disarm. Its a joke toon. You got her you’re tops. Dont need any skill or strategy anymore just op toons. You dont need a 45ap toon for game death just an op toon for it. It only makes sence though. If you can’t defend in war you have to coin to fight.


She is an awesome attack team toon but she is wicked easy to take out on defense … first round she is done … just like alpha


I saw her on several defenses during war js


Maybe it’s just me, but I find her pretty ineffectual. Don’t get me wrong, when things go right, they go very right. But things going right so seldom happens (for me anyway; I’ve had raids lasting 15 turns without a single weapon proc in my favour, for example). The video is very good at demonstrating how OP Michonne can be, but it’s pretty much all best case scenario stuff. She disarmed turn 1, but with only Jesus’ lead skill backing her and 0 crit on her weapon that was far from a given, seeing as even behind Dwight’s +36 with a +40 weapon it’s hit and miss.

If she didn’t, you’re left with risking most or all of your team stunned/impaired by attacking, or holding off until T2 to see if one or more will stun themselves on your weapons in the meantime. Which again is a pretty big risk if they don’t, given that Siddiq can start commanding and she can heal herself along with the dreaded bonus HP, or Gov/Garrett can tie up a few. But it’s a perfect storm as she gets confused, Garrett stuns himself, both Govs use their active skills rather than hitting, so Siddiq opts to confuse rather than command, which could’ve changed the complexion of the raid completely with potentially 3 toons stunned. I know the opponent gets some rushes and stuns off later on but by then with Erika out of the picture it’s pretty irrelevant.

I’m in no way criticizing - your team comp is really clever. But I’d be interested to see if that setup would work against a double Erika team - Michonne’s rush could potentially take both, but with so many being backed with Gov/Hershel/Andrea it’s not a given that the other Erika will get targeted. It’s also not going to be possible to rush until T3 even with huge AP - unless she gets hit - and by then, Erika’s potentially already commanded and may have enough bonus HP to absorb both hits. So the second one not taken out, first one most likely instantly revived, and with 2x bonus HP rushes going off the one turn, things could be dicey to say the least.

Even in the second raid, things are best case - disarm doesn’t proc despite Dwight’s lead skill (something I’ve found all too often), but Siddiq’s gun goes 0 for 4 on impairing (where if it was me, it would be 3/4 if I’m being optimistic), and then he goes and stuns himself. Then with Garrett stunned & Gov impaired, the raid is pretty much over, completely discounting Michonne - you could’ve had Tyreese instead and it would’ve gone the same way. Although I think most would actually struggle to lose with that second setup, Michonne or not. Erika, Hershel, stun/impair guns, that’s already raiding in easy mode. All in all, she turned a 99% chance at a win into 99.5%

She’s a great toon no doubt, but I certainly wouldn’t put her on the same pedestal as Priya. She’s useless on defense and only useful on attack if she crits in the first round. Best way to maximize that is to put her behind Dwight, and Dwight teams are squishy as hell. She folds quick against a heavy yellow-backed Carl team.
Disarm is a fantastic skill, but her rush is so powerful that it ends up killing its target, leaving the rest of the team without a viable window, which sort of defeats the purpose of having her. Confuse is a nice bonus, but relying on RNG to do you a solid is foolhardy. Nice to have? Sure. Must have? Not by a long shot.
I seem to be in a minority of one on this subject so maybe I’m dead wrong, but thought an alternate viewpoint might be interesting.


Agree with your points.

I use her to clear reds with ease. I do not use her against many other traits, there are better toons to leverage. Goal is to clear in 3-5 turns.

A Garrett team, I run her with greens.

Against Carl teams, all reds.

Against yellows… My red team.


There are always those who cram any 6* they pull into defence just to rub into everyone’s face. Regardless of defensive effectiveness.


Read your post, have to point out a few things.
Nowadays, 90 - 95% of the game can he credited to RNG.
You can face a windowless stun team and their weapons not proc a single time or you can attack with a full stun team and your weapons don’t proc a single time.

Many people opted (myself included) to give +40% attack to her because the damage she does is absurd. Unless she’s stunned by an active skill or a stun katana she will always deliver those 2 attacks. That can take 1 or 2 char out of the game.

The point is she (almost) alone can take down a full stun Erika windowless team, which by many peoples’ standards is the most difficult team to beat. Getting a way to waltz to that defence and move in to the next team is a great thing to have when you’re on a war, when every second counts.

If the confuse procs it’s a bonus, you won’t have to worry about that character for 2 turns. And he can help you in many occasions, by hitting another defensive toon and getting stunned, or stunning or impairing or getting impaired.

She’s a well thought out attacking character. The example you provided in your post was solely based on the video. We know that there will be many whales rocking either 4 of her on attack behind a Dwight lead or a mix of her and Bruce behind a winter Jesus/Madison lead.


For any spender, you don’t need to care about crit even. She cant be stunned and she hits like a bus. No ranged team will withstand her and mostly everything else as well.

You don’t even need turn 1 anymore…welcome to the age of toons that completely circumvent the only thing that could even get you a defend…weapons. Only took 1-2 years for everyone to get the mass amount they have now :joy::joy::joy:

I get the whole defend less, coin more conspiracy but also then no reason to pull toons for half the reasons you used to getting defends. If i can’t defend regardless and i can already walk through every team in 3-5 turns guess there’s no need to pull.


I’m sorry but I just don’t see it that way. The game was becoming less about the team and more about the weapons. And for someone who spends a ton of time building their team just to have shitty luck (and armory is just luck no skill), it’s bs that I have to face windowless teams of lower rating than mine with no hope to win because stun guns always proc on me. Michonne is a counter for armory luck. Someone said there is no counter to her but that is because SHE is a counter. And she can only break 1 weapon at a time ffs. Also, Trip does counter her


She’s not THAT much worse than any toon with a Stun on attack weapon. Disarm can be boosted in frequency with bonus crit, unlike Stun, but a disarmed toon can also still attack, use rushes and active skills. Stun negates most weapon effects just like Disarm does.


Yea it is worse. Disarm can be boosted to have way more odds of popping. My setup i would say is 8-9/10 success rate. But the real point being just get more than one disarm toon rolling. It’s better than stun because you don’t have to do anything at all just let them loose and watch everything die. Not to mention she also comes with confuse on atk…so you have disarm and the same AR stopping capabilities as stun on atk built into one…normal attacks and actives rank low on the priority list of threats comparatively.

The only snag on defense currently is the chance to possibly not be able to build ap safely. If you have toons that cant be stopped then you have an offense that can’t be stopped. When i walk through 8 teams from a faction considered in the top 5 in the entire game, in under 5 turns on average with a completely robotic pattern, the META has a problem.

I am not bashing Michonne, i love her but she’s the equivalent of releasing 6* priya less than a year into the 6* reset. It is a must have toon for everyone basically.


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