New Michonne vs Erika teams


Test driving Disarm Michonne against Erika lead.


Damn! Would love to have her.


Yeah she NEEDS to be nerfed. shes overpowerd as bloody hell. my idea would be to remove the 100% guarented hits so she can be stuned/impaired/ABS or get AP DOWN


So basically you just need Michonne to beat any ranged defense, even with a crap leader ? This is sad


What did you think of the video?? It’s my first ever. Am I destined for you tube greatness or shall I get back to the day job? How about a charity follow/subscribe/like whatever you do.


Nice video and yeah make more I enjoy anyone with a great roster and can go agaisnt teams as the one you dueled in your faction.


You can quit your day job, nice video.


More like Power-nukage.


Ya she`s good but so is my full stun gun team.Anyone have a great defense I wonder.


Plz can I see the weapon for michonne


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Thanks for the video. Game is just as broken as it was before 6*. Well done scopes. :+1:


I’ve warred with an unleveled 6* Michonne and with an uncrafted weapon. She blitz through anyone even at tier 1 lvl 1. I can’t imagine how devastating a completely maxed one can be.


Used a maxed one during war, absolutely insane how easy it was beating anything. Carl, Mira and most Erika teams were auto’d for fun.

They’ve released the 6* equivalent of Priya already, I don’t see how they can top her in all honesty.


Priya was way more op because she was valuable on defense as well as attack. This chonne melts teams on offense but isn’t viable on defense.


Ehh I suppose, but a toon that can auto anything regardless of trait is too overpowered


Must be time for another reset. :joy:


So true. Attack is already easy enough. Just autoing takes the fun out of the game.


I run an mostly yellow team with Vincent lead. I crush her.


You are assuming you’ll find one on defence. She’s not built for defence, everyone here was talking about how powerful she is on attack. I mashed many Vincent lead defences with her on attack.

I’m still to see someone use her on defence. It’s not her purpose. Anyone who puts her on defence can count that as minus 1 char on turn 1.