New michonne balloon map

So we spend 30 balloons to gain access to the new michonne rd map and we only get 8 min to complete all 3 acts wtf. So I spent 30 balloons for 5 balloons wtf scopely not cool for ur players… Explain this ???


I definitely thought I had 1 hour to complete it. Used world cans… scopely… you know I be trying to rock with you but THIS is the stuff that won’t work. Yall be playing tricks on people.


It was explained in game on the left side of the screen under new event. You didn’t read. That’s on you.

I took one look & ran a mile. I’m surprised anyone even attempted this

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It even says, and I quote “be warned: this roadmap is extremely costly and very difficult”

Damn that’s my fault then because I sure didn’t see it!

make sure u keep ur balloons below 20, u can see myself accudently clicking and opening that on auto pilot lolz

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Yep I didn’t read it either its on me my bad.

Good idea XFD, just keep your balloons at 10 so you don’t accidentally click on it

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