Is this a new bug? If so, loving it @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely :spider: :bug: :ant::cricket::mosquito::beetle:


Had a good chuckle out of that one.

Community: Maim is broken beyond belief, why don’t you fix it.

Scopley: New Maim character for everyone!!!

I think the bug is that it appears to only cause 50% of the damage, but is actually causing the full amount. So visually Hunter is only taking 600 damage, but is actually taking 1,200 damage.

Although, I can’t make it out, does he not have more than 1,200 HP in that video?

p.s. might be worth making the Thread title something like “Regina Maim Bug” so the relevant people pay attention. Tagging them in am ambiguously titled thread will probably lead to them ignoring you


Doesn’t explain why it said “Victory” at the end :joy:

Wanted to check if it was a one-off thing and surprise, surprise (well, not really, given that it’s Scopely):

For those who are planning to get Regina, probably wanna save your league tokens until they fix it. Took them ages to fix Morgan.


Nothing to do with Hunter. I won just by defending the crap out of that old hag.

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Bahhahaha I completely missed that you won.

Allready bough Regina and it is a different matter when attacking

That bug also happens with negan on attack but instead of losing I win also that is the 5 star version not the 6* and she looks like she is only tier on maybe tier 2

Characters I have bought are Regina Kal and the collection ezikiel saving up for charlie

I said it couple of times by now. Maim is honestly broken. The interactions with guardian shields or stuff like Pain Split is completely bugged since the latest ‘Morgan fix’.

Putting her on my defense team now :slight_smile:

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Ahahahahahaha (plenty of chars)

My turn.

Kept defending till I died. Results are I still won lol.


Late hour or fried brain but I don’t understand what I’m seeing here


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