New Meta Since Wayland


Since the release of Wayland I have seen a really big shift in team comps. Has anyone seen a new meta team develop since then for offense or defense? For me there seems to be a very wide variety of teams with no dominant ones that stop everyone.


Same as always, flavor of the month, flavor of the month shield , revive revive


I mainly see teams of two shields and three revives. While I understand this will stop most people it’s the most uncreative way to do it


See with Wayland it’s easy to counter those now. I don’t see those teams as much anymore.


This will take care of it. Kill the revives then clean up the sheilds.


Kate is probably the best epic for that reason.


LOL. Remains super OP. I use an ap knife so I get 66 toons popping turn 3 without an ap lead.

Having a guardian on team is enough to keep her alive.


I can’t really think of any other epics still this good into the legendary meta.
Maybe SR zeke? But I haven’t seen him for some time.


I know and I use her I was just saying that there are over 100 plus legacy toons our right now and every top team I face has a combo of the same seven. Just wish the other toons had more balance and we’d see more creative team building


Defense needs some ‘offensive’ options to push back against the slow methodical battle. However this is likely a slippery slope.

Overall I agree. Revive looping isn’t a fun and engaging battle. But is is effective =-(


Yep. Zero skill at team building. Just massive debt.


Monica is suberb with her Indominable and ability to hold a Stun Gun. And I would assume Yellow Carson is a Real Pain in the A**. Met him 1 time so far Behind a Jesus Shield and Abs. Def Weapon. I lost


Carson is good. Never see Monica though.


Yeah if you have a Erika or Lydia she’s out of course. But in my opnion she’s defenitly a
better alternate to Carl or Kenny as a Healer.


I think Hershel is the best focus character in game. Mainly for his Guardian II and attack boost from his AR.




Hope I get her then


Commander Heath for the great team wide, long lasting attack and defense buff

Kirkman Zeke as an alternative to Kate that can hold a stun weapon and won’t get the attention of enemy stun greens

Yellow Eugene to pair with other yellows, mark 3 for death with defense reduction, and boost a 76 to be able to rush round 2 without a command

Limited Edition Negan for the solid all melee lead and rush that can boost others

And literally any human shield can be crazy useful on offense


Green command heath. That 85% buff to attk and def is tatas.


Tripp is still usable on attack, rush heals all penalties. Can’t stress how convenient that is