New Mercer - stun 5 at beginning of each wave

Well xd


there goes the neighbourhood

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Wow, that is one hell of a ramp up.

Took them two years to ramp up 5 stars and 6 stars so much they had nowhere left to go.

I think we’ll be on 8 star toons by the summer at this rate.


I just love how premiers have no delays/issues every week but here we are, a month later, waiting for F2P news let alone a toon!


time mod for stun res again…


you think they will always work? even if they do atleast 2 random toons are bound to get stunned

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as long kate dont get stuned and disaim mich i be okay

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Dammit he came in normal pull now this game become a trash.

I fear no man
But that thing
It scares me…


I dont think he is that great tbh and not someone i would use as a lead, esp a defensive lead

Scoeely do much sh.t in game now this S toon in normal pull,too trash

That is the 6*/5* version

That active is pretty strong…

Losing your first turn is huge.


Not if he pops it turn 1 when the opponents are stunned instead of generating AP for himself

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Other ways to gain ap

My current mood as f2p


If the whales want to chance a 1 turn stun over defense, hp, etc. Go ahead.

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Don’t disagree, I just think that the whole beauty of stunning the team turn 1 is that you can basically have a round of free hits to generate AP. Run a command and turn 2 he’s popped before the attacker can do much. You’d need a good set of turn 1/2 active skill characters to stop him (and any others with him as it would be easy to have a bunch of powerful toons alongside him ready to pop, e.g. Priya)

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