New Main Prize For The Next Three Level Up Tournaments



I do not mind.
I don’t have him, so it’s k.


Isn’t he available at the supply depot?


not that i know of



Okay I thought he is, so its also okay for me… I guess


He’s available from ascendancy. If Joshua is indeed next, luckily I went for Jeremiah this LU because I had hoped Jeremiah might get another LU, but didn’t want to take the risk.


I may not go for this. Probably gonna end up doing the first 2 milestones and calling it quits on this level up


Aaah there was he available, so you can get him for free with enough luck. I also went for Jeremiah the last LU, but there were people who did 14mil for him… yikes


He’s trolling, those are probably images of leaked 6* Joshua.


This joshua is already out, i have him but i havent T4d him.

I really do hope this is a troll/joke post. Scopely need to stop putting charcters that have been out for a long time already and a lot of people either already have or are available from ascending.

i havent leveled anything for over 2 weeks as first it was shane and then jermiah who i already have.


More Garbage. Sweet :-1::-1::-1::-1:


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