New Maim not working

I was lucky enough to get the new maim weapon skill but it’s not working anyone else having this issue! I did make a video of it not working but it wont let me post in forums Screenshot_20191126-155119_Walking%20Dead|690x310

Apparently quite a few are not working @GR.Scopely have you got anymore of a front on this seen quite a few mention this about weapons since the release

Well, I’m just shocked that there are bugs! :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

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Of course there’s bugs lol, how many people throughout the game do you think have it and have actually used it yet? I’m sure they’ll be a bunch more that don’t work correctly because nobody has gotten to use em yet

If only they had some way of testing these things, before they go live. I don’t know, maybe something like a beta could work…

@JB help us

been contact with support for couple of days this was final response

Does it say how much maim? Maybe it’s only a 1/4 of 1hp?

Its says it’s supposed to do maim damage equal to the crit damage done

If you send me the video I’ll get it on YouTube and get the devs to look at it.

Email or Line ladygeek.twd

Gotcha. Haven’t upgraded to it yet. Struggling at the moment to give two fucks about all the new and unwanted bugs. I mean improvements.

Se t you the video lady geek I have emailed support but waiting to hear back

@Dbok - Thanks for your report. I will have the team looking into this issue.

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