New lvl up update is too confusing

Does anyone else find this new update more confusing than before. I feel like the character screen was easier to navigate the old way.


I’m slowly getting the hang of it but much prefer the old way. Training toons up then having to convert them takes longer. Still getting 1*s which are useless apart from some food.


There are a few downsides but the more I use it amd get used to it, the more I appreciate the new way. There are genuine QoL improvements. The conversion from toons to trainers is an awkwardness for sure


It’s taken some time for me to adjust to the new system, but it’s decent. I just wish the training grounds opens to training survivors instead of the conversion screen first. It’s an additional click every time.


Overall, getting used to the layout. If you don’t mind wasting XP (300-400) when maxing a toon’s level, the automatic trainer assignment is also workable.

The only real downside is clear identification of the territory XP bonus being active and the need to tap for skills details to see if upgrading rush is posisble (to get the renown bonus). Everything else is awkward, but possible to getting used to

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I sort of feel it’s better, converting 2 - 5 stars to trainers is a nice touch, I will make a blunder at some point and convert the wrong toons, I have enjoyed cleaning out my roster, that has been good, its still not a perfect system, I agree with all the other issues raised in this thread.

Just want to make sure there’s nothing we can do with 1*'s except sell? Right?

You can make a sabotage (reflect weapons) team in territories to piss people off, but that’s about it…


What an idea! Haha!

Is there any way to see how much gear is needed on a non maxed tier toon? I for the life of me can’t find it

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I actually like the new level up system much better. It’s a lot less tapping than before.

You can press the level up button, then bottom right tap “gear”


Two more additions to the wishlist for me would be: 1) Bring back the info button to see the objectives in level up tourney while you’re in the character screen and 2) a button to add food via depot points when you upgrade ARs and ASs. The ability to automatically buy enough food for leveling with trainers is a huge improvement btw. Well done, Scopely!

Sorry, and a third item on the wishlist. An easier way to see how an AR or AS is improved by level.

For (1), there’s a tiny ‘i’ button on the top right of the character screen, it shows the level up objective, For (2), it’s the same option as normal leveling, you can spend coins or gear markers for the food. For (3), use the Skills tab, the Change button, and then the little ‘i’ to the right of the slider, it will show the improvements by level.

A bit more clicking than I’d like, normal leveling though is pretty painless, just gotta watch what trainer pool they are draining, and control that by locking, or manually selecting.


Thanks for the help. It was hard to spot for me, but the screen looks so busy now. Not nearly as accessible as the old system but I’m sure I’ll adjust. I don’t know what’s going on, but as for 2) I don’t have an option to use gear markers. Weird.

Absolutely love it. Makes levelling a million times easier, like Carl said I wish there was a toggle for what screen you want to see when opening the training grounds.

When you select so many trainers (levels) that the food cost turns red and tap on level up button anyway, what happens? In my game (thanks to @snichols to point that out to me) a small window opens that says I can get that food with coins or gear tokens:

Obviously, the coin to food ratio is a clear rip-off, but the gear tokens to food follows the 3:2 exchange rate used in the supply depot


Definitely no idea what toons I’m using to level up, 250 Bo’s sucks, having to continually convert

I didn’t really like it at first. But honestly once you get used to it. Its by far better and easier to use.
Converting toons into trainers is still a bit tedious but the time saved when lvling is worth it imo.