New lvl up rewards !?

After all thé garbage toon scopley just been giving for months , now they decided to change the System , Why ?

The only reason I see here is this , they figure out that they will run out of choices soon (garbage toons list getting smaller and smaller each week )
So what’s the solution for this problem ?
Answer : let us stop giving toon and start giving collection item instead , yeah

Someone will say , and how will that be possible . the answer is , if you run a collections events for 6 weeks with only 3 ascendable toons and some gears/trainers that will give more time than the old System and players won’t figure that out .

Actually they will start to ask for longer time to complete collections .

Wooow scopley , just woow
You will never run out of excuses .

I hope I am wrong , but what’s the proof
1- if the new system gives better toon
2- the collection event doesn’t go far from (number of toons X 7) days

But in fact it really looks very good System as long as scopley plan ain’t what I am thinking, the milestones Systems looks great.

You can either get Jeremiah, Yvette, or Eric with those necklaces. 2 out of the 3 are confirmed to be very good characters, as I’ve even fought for top 3 for Jeremiah.

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I don’t see the problem with this new collection. I will gladly take Jeremiah to improve my attack team.

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I’ll take gov over jeremiah any day. Out of the 3, I’m going with go with Eric or yvette.

Yeah , so now they decided to put the same old rewards again , you just can’t see the full picture here bro .

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So fight for a miniscule chance of a character or part of a gauranteed character?

I know which I’d prefer…

You will understand after 2 or 3 event like this.

Understand what? Please explain to me why being able to earn parts which will sum up to a gauranteed character is worse…?

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Jeremiah was the only one out of the three that was a past LU reward, and he’s easily one of the best characters out there. I may have gotten him, but I’m not salty enough to deny other the opportunities to get him as well. I’ll simply use my necklaces to get Yvette, who I want but never had the luck of getting.

Players are given the chances between 2, possibly 3, good characters to choose from, rather than the usual 1 character.

You have to win to get a character. Or they giving these rewards in other events ? I saw the rewards from solo raid … not there. So only in solo lvl up ?

Collections last a month


Why the ■■■■■■■ legendary medals? :frowning:


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Meh, Hes decent. Nice for those that are f2p.

Decent ?
Good stats
Stun recover

This is one of the best legacy ascendable for now


Decent as I have better toons. That’s why I said good for f2p. Wont mean much to those who have wayland and other decaps.

Yeah I’m talking about f2p people
I honestly don’t care about whales who can afford whatever 6* they want

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I’m taking Yvette, as I badly need a melee healer other than Carl. If I didn’t have 6 Eric’s that I got from the ascendance tower I would’ve went with him.

Lol I was so pissed off when I got 6 Eric’s in a row trying for Siddiq in the tower.


That really depends how good you are able to place… If you are not one of the players that is able to place like 50 or even 10 and over consistently, chances are you are better off with a miniscule chance or gold tokens because chances are you will get nowhere close to the amount of medals that is needed in the time that is given with the tiny amounts given out for worse places and will be stuck with a laughable amount of worthless supply depot points for your troubles after the event ends…

I believe that a character guaranteed to be active is better than one with little probability of leaving, if they want to change so the system seems good to me because it favors active players

The Erik seems decent since relive a character at 25% HP (no danger of execution) cures and gives armor, I think that for the F2P that are active goes from 10. :slight_smile: