New Lucas thing? Help

What’s this thing I keep seeing about some Lucas event?

Can someone provide information on this, been looking around for it but I’m just seeing mentions of it…

I don’t get it either?? What’s aqua marine necklaces?

Lucas is the final prize of a collectible event. You need to gather 24k aqua necklace in order to get his 5* version.
Other items can be obtained with necklaces, especially 6* gear. Look at the threads from Scopely, they’re explaining it.

The event hasn’t shown up for m

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It hasn’t started yet. It is much like the nugget events where we got Wyatt and Vincent. Since it hasn’t started not much information is out yet. The necklaces will be event rewards.

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Seems pretty good to me. You can get over 5k in necklaces for 2 million milestone in level up. That’s one gps and canteen.


Looks like a nugget type event which were great imo. If this is like those I’ll be happy with it.

How about reading the threads… Specifically the ones pinned by mods…


It’s the MacGuffin we need to collect to trade in for the rewards. Just like every other contest we have.

We need 24k to get Lucas.

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My once every 10 days YGL will really help with that 2 million milestone :tired_face:

I fear the gear will be controlled by rng boxes. You pay & get either canteen or gps, invariably whichever you have the most of and not what you are hoping for. I may be wrong, you might get to select what item you want, but remember - we are talking about a Scopely event.

Collections most likely appear 1300 eastern US tomorrow when level up starts, we’ll find out the skinny then. (Or sooner if you know who is on their game)

This is why we need to know the maximum number we can earn. Do we need to hit every single milestone to get Lucas? I know why they wont say. They want us to go all out for every single event in the hopes that some of us have to spend money to achieve the milestones.

That is why I never cash in early, leave my options open until last day or two of the overall event.

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You should go all out either way. Get enough for Lucas and then canteens and gps. They seem pretty cheap.

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I’ll take the T4 gear…12 or so 6* sitting at t3l80, one more won’t make any difference. I’m extremely tired of leveling 5* for no reason whatsoever other than points. And then, there’s no chance of getting top rewards against the YGL always available crowd. Zzzzzz. Scopely could fix that, but won’t. Too busy drawing nice maps I suppose.


Why do you think it’s lame?

Depends which six stars you have sitting at t3. This is easily the best toon out of Wyatt or Vincent. The huge ap is really a difference maker on attack if you have some good reds or missed out on Madison.

Missed out on Madison?

If you don’t have Madison, Lucas is a good alternative. If you have Madison, she’s better and Lucas is kind of redundant. That’s why I asked which six stars does he have that are needing gear.

I “missed” out on Madison because a forty and two tens didn’t get me her lol

Oh had me thinking as if there was a giveaway for Madison that I missed lol