New Lori stash fail


Can anyone explain to me @kalishane why I pulled from a token and got 1 yes 1 elite token! Is this some kind of joke? What is the point of giving out 1 token


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Something something pride and accompishment


I also got 1x elite token. And there is another 1x in there I’m sure I’ll get tomorrow.


Yes I know this. I pulled from my Lori token and got 1 elite token. Read the post next time


if you already had 1999 then you now have a pull. I see no issue here :laughing:


Can you earn these anywhere else that isn’t in a multiple of 5?


Don’t have to be an asshole


You see I don’t have 1999 lol there’s the problem. Guess they didn’t want to be throwing tokens about, sorry, token. Don’t spend it all at once said granny scopely


Not being a asshole. I wrote it with compassion


lol everyone is on edge today


Lol be happy it wasnt a basic token


Oh how sarcasm glows on you, sweet angel


I think after playing this game for too long most of us could use with a couple of these classes, including myself, on Scopely’s dime. Anyone else agree or is it just me? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Let’s all take a deep breath. Relax and enjoy some pancakes. :pancakes:


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