New list acendence?

Quando será lançada essa mistériosa lista

After lori and conner

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And Aaron

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Yeah but he’s trash so (:V)

Wrong Aaron, no ?

Isso não impede que eles lançem uma nova lista

The Green Aaron1519946932387

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I know… you can only get the blue from ascendance.


What about Dwight ?

He was my first 5* !

Not ascendable this time around

Actually I think you are wrong, this Dwight is the one on the list

Yeah it’s him

they said the dwight that could be won from the barb wire event was the dwight on the list

That Dwight is not on the list. A week or 2 ago @kalishane explained that it was the “new threat” Dwight. She even updated the original ascendance list to show that it was the “new threat” Dwight

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The 6* dwight we have is the one. That 5* dwight is not the dwight on the list. Kalibae said it herself

The most obnoxious thing is that she took 5 months to correct this “mistake”