New Limited Time Offer

So, new offer(s) peeps? Can anyone help broke Kappa know what’s at the end of the rainbow (deal)?

Thanks in advance!


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Thank you all! That Rosita balisong is too tempting!

Clearly you don’t get it

Anyone go past 4?

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Which ascendables are in the 5th bag? Anyone know? Where are all my rich folks at?

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I guess jesus, sandy, konrad and the fourth i had forgot xD


7 characters

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Just him? Did Scopely stop with all the rng nonsense or did your rng lead you to Bruce lol

So it’s two hundred bucks for a shot at one of those four again?

Fake news about Bruce. It’s 5* disarm blue michonne. Or 5* marlon as the final offer. Will post screenshot later in a bit.


Thinking about doing it but no actual pictures of the final offer.

Offer 5, in $CDN.

Anyone have screens of the final offer to confirm the toons?

That’s a lot of dough

Up seven chars

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