New level up points, kinda dissapointed though

I thought that by separate the 6* and S class point in level up, it will also give bigger point when we level up s class toons. But it only separate the class but not the points


Lol, epic fail right there… I guess the usage of rings (15k renown per vet rank) is still not displayed?


Likely because the update isn’t pushed as mandatory for all players yet. Given that there is a LU currently, it would be unfair for players who downloaded the update early to get more points.


This. Most likely it will go out with the next solo or after this weeks levelups when there is a window between levelup tournaments at the end of the week.


Vet ring usage is now shown actually. Right at the bottom of the list

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So double the resources used to level up a class for the same points as 6*’s.

Seems legit… :-1::-1::-1::-1:

Straight from the blog post about the update:

“This update brings a highly anticipated update to our Solo and Faction Level Up Tournaments. Leveling up and promoting S-Class Fighters will now reward their own unique amount of renown points, and no longer share the same amount as 6-Star Fighters. You can expect to see these changes in live tournaments once the update has been fully deployed to all players.”

S Class will have a unique amount of renown points from regular 6* and it will be live once the update is deployed to all players. Most updates hold back on activating certain features until all players have it to prevent any unfair advantages. Like some players getting more level up points than others during a tournament.


Really can’t wait to see what they do with the milestones now. Remember when they switched for 6* and milestones jumped to 10 million.

hmmmm … thinks… ermmmm… thinks some more… but…

what is the point in putting out an announcement, all that you have done really is changed the screen listing the points you get

Im sure none of the feedback that you say you listen to said “hey you know whats bugging me, that screen that lists the amount of points you get per level, it doesnt list how many you get from S Class characters”

Im pretty sure it was more along the lines of “S Class characters take twice the amount of trainers and resources as 6* characters, why arent we getting more points for leveling them up”

You would think these things would be thought about before releasing characters and the ramifications they have on the game. i bet the meeting where S class were first dreamed up went like this

Marketing Guy : “Ok we have got to a point where we have totally messed up 6 characters and we have unbalanced the game, we need a new form of extracting revenue from our Cows”
Marketing Guy 2 : “I know lets take 2 6 and make them combine into a super character like voltron, we can increase their stats 5 fold and thatll get the cows spending, because they will have to have them”
Dev Guy : “But wont that mess up Hordes and level up and Faction Assault??? They are balanced for 6* characters”
JB : “Yeah, Shiniesssssssss.”
Marketing Guy 1 + 2 : “Frank wtf do you know, we wanna make money and get as much as we can off these suckers. Stfu and get back to playing tetris”

Damn im bored at work lol

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As a few people have pointed out it’s only because the update isn’t fully live for everyone yet. Once it is S-Class will have different points. But it wouldn’t be fair for some people to be getting more points than others until the update is pushed.

I did enjoy your little scenario though :joy:

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yeah im just bored lol

Do we know what the difference in points is yet🤗

Do you expect me to READ a blog post? Easier to just complain on the forums.


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