New legislation incoming, scopelly better rethink its business model


According to this article there has been a change in global legislation in western goverments, where they are going against this microtransactions with this called mistery box cause they say this is basically gambling.

Im not against it, though i agree with one of their points that they should be showing the real probabilities and be checked constantly by authorities.

Im just saying this for scopely to be taking some measures before its too late and the consecuences get worse, and hopefully we as players can get some benefit of it.

What you all think about this?


People think EA are scamming people with these lootboxes, wait till everyone finds out the money being spent on in-app purchases. Borderline criminal in my eyes.


I agree with the bans, but calling it a “change in global legislation in western governments” is a bit of a stretch if it’s only Belgium and maybe Hawaii.


Their whole world is going to come falling down if they don’t change. Think about every purchase in this game, it’s all gambling so they need to think fast and the amount of complaints put into Google is probably going to put them next on the list. About time because as far as I’m concerned it’s worse than gambling, at least when your gambling you have a chance of winning, with this crowd your just getting fucked every time.


Scopee just removed my post because it was considered inapproraite as I pointed out UK legislation that is already in place.

Talk about abuse of power.


No dude, someone just flagged it…it could have been anyone.


I don’t think people fully understand what happened. It isn’t nearly as big a win as it’s fluffed up to be. Yet…


Could you specify what legislation that is?


I got from the norwegian goverment that european law doesnt apply as long as its legal in usa where the company is based. But the “world” is suppose to work towards an agreement on internett sales as these are in 99% cases not affected by the current law.

Scopely breakes alot of Norwegian laws, but it doesnt matter. The Norwegian customer council didnt wanna take it, nor the EU.:persevere:


nothing is gonna change for mobile gaming.

Based outta california they will simply implement new laws to glorify and protect gambling in games.

I personally disgree with the whole business practise. I believe that it’s a dirty trick to try and make money.

I think more up front transactional is far superior.
If you wanna make money,
sell something everyone wants, for a reasonable price.
And you will fucking make money and… have satisfied customers.
Satisfied customers is the best way to make money.
In fact, the more satisfied your customers are, the more they are going to spend.
It’s just logic right.
You’re not gonna see someone who hates mcdonalds buying fucking mcdonalds.
You have to generate loyalty and then the money just never stops rolling.

Just ask cell phone companies, tv companies.
is there any fucking loot boxes there?

Gambling should be a “SLIM” part of the whole pay 2 play model.
Up front transactions will take you much further.

Imagine they just sold 5 stars for 20$.
I bet many people would be down to spend.
at 100$ each with no promises.
just get the fuck right out.

But I know why they do this.
It’s literally a social experiment created and funded by Demonic freaks.


Ps: forget about Google in cases aswell, they didnt give a shiet and shoved all the responsability over to Scopely


dont be surprised if that post gets flagged too, you are calling them scoPEE, that is probably why. It could have been anyone but it is always funny when people bring up the conspiracy that it was Scopely themselves lol


The real question is where does the money come from if a player gets a refund. From Apple and android stores fronts. Scopee. Or where?


Yep they are going after everything to do with gambling right now, I work as a bookie, so am seeing the changes they are trying to bring out, it won’t be long before they clamp down on mobile games as well.


Agreed…they make multimillion dollar business out this carp.