New Legacy without legacy list

Sooooo new Legacy and no Legacy List…some words Scopely?


Another medic… wtf

Good thing i have em already, so no hardcore grinding for that event for me, unless they have extra goodies.


you can get Yvette for 10k or Jeremiah for 8k with same museum collection items.

In this upcoming event?

he was a healer to begin with. I dont see them making him anything else… although a disarm would be really nice!

yup solo level up

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Aww that sucks. I hardly have fodder to level ppl up. I only go to 500k because the rewards are horrible. Feels like 2018 still.

Why would you choose a 5 star that you don’t even know what the stats are

Oh my god where’s the list? We need the list or society will break down.

Or, you know, we could just be pleased that the legacy ascendable roll out is continuing…


Great, now everyone and their moms can pick up Yvette :frowning:

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The list isn’t necessary but it would be ok just to know as well a surprise is a surprise and the first one is Ok Eric has something good

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To be honest, I kind of agree. I know that I purchased Duane after the last list was released so could get him maxed before he was released. Similar with Wanderer and Gov.

But I’m not selling any unique 5★ so the only thing the list helps with is knowing who to level up next from my non-ascendable 5★

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Willing to trade any of my Yvettes…



Gime one pls

Who should I choose? Yvette or Jermiah? Yvette would be a beast with my SC Andrea and Jeremiah would be good for a red team. Idk lol. Maybe I can get both since I already have Eric.

If we don’t get a list we don’t know how many legacy to expect.

Therefore they can do less than last time without us noticing,
So we need a list.

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I’d go for boosting your attack team up, def comes 2nd.

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Scoring points = more milestones = more growth