New legacy ascendable


Hey scopely it would be awesome if you guys could release a legacy or two in the very near future like this week or something. Its been way too long. And while your at it make them usuable as well. Thanks in advance! See ya “soon”


You’re asking for too much bro ,
Scopely doesn’t have time for this p***** ****
But if you ready to put 400£ on one of our premium characters we will get it in next promo
For you


It’s either release them soon or make them usable. Can’t have both with skopeli


They won’t be useful now or later ,that’s a fact



Yeah, that would be asking for way too much from them, D’oh!


Another weekend goes by without one. Just ridiculous. :-1::-1:


It will be crap or one of the ones that no one has. Andrea will be nowhere as useful or desirable as she was before the 6-stars came to be. Dogboy will eat her alive.


I hope it’s Carly. Everybody likes Carly


But Andrea is better than carley…


who tf is rose?


yah we need andreasa to kill erikasa and magnasa


No, we need duane to give 40%att and 40%def, that stun, revives, heals and gives bonus hp. I’m sure he will be something like that.


A toon most of us will never get. She’s buried in the second worst wheel. Elite characters.

Pretty sure she was an event reward back in the day too.


Rest assured she’ll be available in a stash


Of course. Guess I should have said we will never get her for free.


Rose was a war reward for whale factions back in the day.
Only ppl who have her are those in #1 whale factions back before CRW was even a wet dream.


I remember Rose being war rewards at least twice. Got her as a top 2 or 3 reward.


And now she falls into that special category of being a legacy ascendable that almost no one has. Scopes favorite category. It’s almost like releasing a brand new premier recruit. You gotta pay for it if you want it. Knox is another good example of this. Until this rts wheel I believe he was given out one or two times as a top reward as well.

What they should be doing is releasing one legacy ascendable per month and each month it should be among the most common toons in the game. I don’t buy for a second that it takes longer than a few days to figure out the stats, abilities, and to design the artwork.


It’ll be another character with +def/hp and ap bonus when defending lol… just like the new Garrett that is for candle rewards. That’s the only lead skill they want to give lately. Would it really hurt to make new ftp’s with some damn specialist skills?


F2P players: Can we get an F2P Disarm toon?