New Legacy Ascendable 6* Hershel, how good is he?

Legacy Hershel is finally an ascendable! After being leaked all the way back in March he has now made it into the game keeping 90% of his rush and having 100% heal reduction for 3 turns added on top.

He also gains an active skill that synergises well with a current available character in the league store, Shiva, and for what feels like the first time in a long time he fits into one of the current f2p meta attack teams - bleed.

He does have his downsides however leaning heavily towards attack stat when his role is medic, where most medics have quite balanced or defensive stats overall.

Who is the most useful of the most recent Legacies?

  • Sawyer
  • Jackson
  • Romanov
  • Hershel

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There is also an offer in the store, if you do not own him already, for $10 to get the 6* version of Hershel right away - this is probably one of the better offers on a newly released character I have seen in the game.

Do you think all Legacies should have this offer on release?

  • Yes
  • No

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If this offer became the standard, the quality of legacies could also rise a little to give them a better chance of selling - however characters would then become a little less unique if they were considered ‘rarer’


Voted for Jackson just because he opened up new team compositions that weren’t availble to many that didn’t have Camilla or Alice.

But they are all pretty mediocre.


Even Scopely knows he is trash. Hence the cheap offer on him already


Games deed mate, great coverage as always though.

Jackson for me, simply because I had no good melee attack lead. So having him has allowed me greater variety in team building. Still not a great toon, but out of those listed, he’s the only one who had much impact for my roster.

As for the offer, would rather it be half the price like old Mira and Carl offers. $10 to me is the high limit of what should be charged.

Carley has the same lead as Jackson in terms of AP - Jackson only added attack % but is a far worse/less useful character than Carley

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Carley gives 40 def against ranged. Jackson gives 40 atk to all melee. Makes a pretty big difference for me. There’s also his recover stun/impair AS. Until i got him i was still using 5* Audrey against stun zombies on SR.


Went Romanov because he’s more tick boxey as ‘F2P red decap’, than Hershel, who’s a bit higgeldy piggeldy.

Hershel does look the first F2P toon (league and event too) recently that doesn’t look minimalist, which is nice. I’ve never frequented heal reduction or bleed teams, so he probably won’t end up on my main though

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Im taking down S Class Pete teams with Carley - what teams is Jackson good against? Eric? If you did not get Michelle I can get behind his viability a bit but he pretty much counters nothing right now and was needed when melee def teams were the rage (Gabe teams, Carl teams etc.)

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Jackson opened up teams to use Shawn who’s an absolute killer. I have no idea how your taking down Pete teams with Carley unless it’s bleed or burn, in which case you will be there all day now that he has 10k HP.

It is bleed indeed and yup, is not quick but it is within 10-12 turns - there literally is no other option to take down 5K def 9K HP characters for F2P though.

My damage dealers hit multiples so bide and payback become an instant issue. Priya is the only direct counter for Pete and she costs thousands of dollars, as you know.

As for Jackson+Shawn, well - Payback was out before Jackson and Bide was 2 promos later. Shawn is quite useless now imo in the general teams I face.

Blue Morgan is a nice alternative but needs to rely on some luck with his weapon. They should put him into an event.

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Yea I am working on a blue team atm but Morgan is that missing piece.

Buying any 6* at this point would be like purposely buying a 5* when 6* came out. It would be just tossing money away no matter how “cheap”.
Soon s class will be popping out as promos, same as the the not “for sale” “earned\ascended” 6* roll out.


People sleeping on sawyer tht heal reduction is killer, but who really gives af when u have sclass toons


He’s not bad. A decent f2p attack toon. Execution and Bleed teams work very well together :man_shrugging:t2:

Survival Club Roadmap today Maggies there bottom right she could be coming soon.Her AR still read TBD though.Happened with Ryan a few days before he came out.


They each have their uses. (And i don’t have Michelle btw, so i have no great teams against Eric) But I wasn’t talking in regards to what works against S class teams, or anything specific really. I use carley or Maggie in cases where I’m going against a ranged def. Jackson is better if going against blue/yellow teams. Of course he will be inferior going against Pete, and many other defenses though. But out of the ones listed, he has helped me the most, so for me, he’s been the most useful. That’s all i was trying to say.

I am sure I will use Hershel too though. Will he prove more useful? Idk tbh. Time will tell. But im sure I’ll run him behind Jackson a good bit. :slight_smile: May try out a new bleed team, since its been a while since I’ve gone that route.

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Like we didnt have to wait til october LMAO

He’s very good vs raven and Doc Stevens Zachary teams alongside Sawyer.

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