New Legacy Ascendable 6* Douglas

6* Douglas has come less than a week after 6* Legacy Rick was released and he also keeps his Guardian 2 specialist skill. The rush as always has been changed a bit with taunt to 3 added - as expected doesn’t seem to have the same sort of overall power that Rick has however being Gen2 and having Guardian 2 is a great combo especially if you already have a leader like Eric.

Will you be ascending Douglas?

  • Yes
  • No

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Douglas is available in the 5* Token wheel however may now be in the more limited ascendable percentages.


6* Douglas > 5* Douglas

6* Rick >>> 6* Douglas


Only problem hes give 50 def for 2 turn so thats will remove 40def 3 turn from eric so my team will be without def bouns for one turn if i use him behind eric

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He looks good, yes, and has Guardian 2, yes, but I’m real short on both gear and medals to ascend anyone at this point.


I’m swimming in Benedict’s so why not ascend him. Guardian shields are fantastic for FA and SR it never hurts to have another.

I do agree that he’s nowhere as good as GS Rick and why they just didn’t keep the crit instead of changing it to defense makes very little sense.

Thanks for video as always. Keep surviving! :grin:


Some great points by @Hassan and @Ironandwine. Ascended him anyway but not sure I would T4 him with the gear shortages


I like him for the Guardian 2. I will ascend him but I am not 100% sure I will do much leveling on his AR. I may treat him like some of the old 5* shields and leave him low so he uses basic attacks more to activate his guardian. Worse comes to worse, he will be great on SR and probably fit a tower team well!

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Not the best but certainly not the worst :slight_smile:

I’ll ascend, Max, and use him. Scope never blessed me with a Holly, and while Rick may be better overall than Douglas, Rick doesn’t currently fit on my defense teams so can wait to ascend him, at least until I get a Donny (stupid 4* ascension… no I don’t need 6 straight Lopez’s…)

Ha, I would but I Used him as fodder before I knew he would become a 6 star

T2 maxed is not a problem I will most likely hit up scavs for some freebie rush boosts. Tough gear in particular is an issue for me right now, trying to save for these league gear upgrades AND getting the gear I need for other characters seems pretty impossible to do.


It absolutely is. They need to increase the amount of league tokens given or reduce the cost from the store.

We need a gear museum collection desperately and if the promised 6-star gear roadmaps were to appear that would also be a great help. Even just 1 of each item per week would make a huge difference.

It’s been a year and a half already you can’t expect everyone to have to pay for everything scipley.


Same here, it would appear out of 9 weeks per season, only 2 of those (roughly 40-50k tokens, D2 player) can be spent buying normal gear, 7 of those weeks are spent buying all the caps and jackets. Unless you earn more via level up, which is paradoxical.

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Yeah dont understand why they took his crit away was a selling feature of him but i ascended him even at t2 il get use out of him. Doesnt quiet fit into any of my teams right now but time will tell.

I felt him to be not very useful when you already hav erik & hershal. I ascended shawn from store instead, got stuck at t3 haha those caps.

If you seek healer then better alternate would be blue maggie. Works both atk n def teams, can be used as lead and has atk boost as well. Whatsoever my thoughts leaked xD

Got him. Had to open my 24 5* tokens. Sigh. Oh well needed some fodder. :unamused:

I would go for him. Buuuut I have 6 star kal on my Eric team. I’ll wait.

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He’s very good behind a Magna shield .Not same level as Holly but close.

Nah don’t like him will ascend for SR that’s it

then use command heath. He may be a 5* But he is still very much viable today.