New Leeks(15 chars)


No new Legacies yet?

New Rick. Skybound edition

For godforsaken sake. Again 3 New Characters never Seen before, Stop this Madness



I’m not up to date on the comics, but the last one looks… fake but not fake at the same time lol. Rick in Negan attire? But if it’s from vk…


There was an issue with Rick in Negan’s attire. Haven’t read it but I’ve seen it.


welp it’s called the Road to Survival. Its just about as crazy as Sandy holding a skateboard.


It’s from an alternate cover from issue 163.


Nice several new promos I won’t spend money on


Now I’m starting to think I’ve seen that before. lol


Anyone know what those special weapons do? I think I see 2 or 3 special ones but only 1 gets shown


The one with the shades have double atk I think? Not sure with the Kal, the blue guy, and Wayland(yellow)


Rick just needs glenns lighter now in his claw hand😉


Hoping that is not the tara I just burnt too ascend a toon…


They lost the copyright to make many of the old toons 6*


Negan Rick is a chance to confuse for 3 turns when taking damage
Wayland I believe does 150% attack when enemy hp under 50%
Kal is impair when attacking
Ryker is 200% double attack


thanks for info


Why the f* is Kal dressed like an old school b-boy, while holding a pool cue :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


That Rick omg he looks fkn awesome. anyone know what his weapon says?


so generic… cant even look at them. Dissgusting.


Those are not Leeks. I am disappointed, this thread is misleading


Here you goleeks-fresh