New leaks? Yes and an $ class too

Any new leak besides the leagues?
A bud sent me this pic btw


Of course they couldn’t just make her red five star version ascendable. Had to be a premier first.


Dude wth, 3000 burn is so ridiculous

That’s 100% chance to deal 1000 burn for 3 turns? Ridiculous


Chill down with this one


Bruh wth

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S-class human shield 100%, this is madness


Damn!!! Waiting for the Commonwealth Army characters to be added to the roster. Frost is a good call but hope he is not trash.

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Lol, i look forward to read preston garvey sending me to wipe out a group of raiders for the 54th time

That’s correct

Well, at least we have Camila in the league store!


Where’s the yellow s class you dumb fucks

Not released yet duh

You mean this one?

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Yes. 7 char

Probably tied to the Typhoon event. Do you really want one more S Class released so soon? Laopo just came out

yeah. we dont want a new s class every week. every 2 weeks is better than every week . otherwise we run out of gear. laopo is eating up all the green gear now.

Nothing in any of those pictures says Human Shield… Just because it’s a tank you say that?

Tank, low atk and insane def

Melee attack lead for sclass, i guess

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