New leaks soon or a freemium 6* next


I looked through all the leaks, and it seems we are down to just Eugene, Glenn and The Governor. Either one of them will be the next 6-star or we should be getting new leaks here soon.


Or perhaps another Premium. Judging by what has been happening recently, Scopely is less likely to give us a chance if it doesn’t centers around cash.

I don’t have much hope for Ascendency, not when it comes to be this company…


Don’t forget Gator!


Alert Lori!


You can bet that @kalishane will have new photos of new promos this next week to further bury those months long old leaks of any free to play six stars.


Alert me about what?



We need to Alert Lori about Alert Lori regarding the Alert Lori!

You Dawg, I heard you like Alerts in your Lori so I put Alert Lori in your Alert Lori so you can Alert Lori!


I told you.



Welcome home @kalishane !