New Leaks? How?

Hello, how does anyone got those leaks? I am just curious…through hacking or something?

We are not sure how VK get’s them my guess is that they find the “files” of the charachter and from there they can leak it earlier. Once again not sure :stuck_out_tongue:

Via hacking, leaks are made by the same guys that are selling cheap in-game currency

Since I’ve started to play this game (2 y I think) they leak. When Scope didn’t prefent this… so why they don’t give us the informations earlier? :confused:

Because Scopely don’t plan very long in advance.
The characters they datamine from game files are just temporary ideas, and Scopely don’t want to release them for the public until they are sure this is how the character will end up.

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what are the leaks?

Can not confirm or deny but I do love this gif from Signs Movie


so, scopely knows that there are people hacking, successfully, but scopely ain’t doing nothing, or is unable to do anything to patch it? and this has been going on for how long?

One common feature of all conspiracy theories is that it is impossible to disprove them.


I believe data mining is what you may be referring to. The toons data is in game but the toon hasnt been officially released or even shown to the public, I may be wrong but this is how stuff is “unearthed” in other games.


Time travel of course. How else would they know war was going to break before it broke hmm?

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100% time travel. And we got time travel from aliens.

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I was going to say aliens but my cat told me not to!

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THIS IS NOT HACKING lol some people get so worked up over little things

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