New leaks for Sheldon

Just like other new toons they have roadmap backstories
(only inbox image)

He’s a ■■■■■■■ headhunter

He looks like a good ass damage toon.

If he isn’t s class he don’t matter


Say that about characters like Jiafeng and Elena lol… but I don’t think he’s all that good

He’s trash … unless it has a s by the name it’s currently worthless

I’m sure priya will have trouble with him

Lol yeah surely :joy:

He isnt useless, he is actually a pretty damn good toon but yes we are in s class era and if you are going to spend money, pass on the 6* and go for s class but if we could get him for free i would def take him and put him behind Michelle and throw in my Shiva. Headhunter imo is better than decap. His active skill is amazing, turn 2 focus to all for 2 turns and 40% ap to self, which has a 1 turn cooldown so he can use it constantly giving your team focus and he doesnt need to attack really and can just rush, his rush with the bleed is nice for a bleed team and the confuse is nice control as most do not run confuse resist. Would i spend money on him? No. Would i grind out an event for him, level him, mod him and use him till i get s class Heng Yen? You bet!

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He is a promo so you can’t grind for him :rofl: Y0u are talking about something that isn’t happening bud

I am very well aware of that and i never said he wasnt a promo. I said if he was an event toon like Michonne, he would be worth it, since he is a promo and not s class, he is not worth it. :exploding_head:

Even if he was free he would still be trash :man_shrugging: Ho is not gonna help you beat double Pete s16 toons … michone is trash as well :grimacing:

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