New Leaks: Dwight, Knox and Maggie


There isn’t a one stop solution, other than decap. Dwight does present a solution, which as you say can be bypassed.

Which to be honest, is good for a F2P toon. Gives options without upsetting the whales


In addition to his ability as a leader that allows you to combine as physical pjs as a distance against team Erika or Garrett.


Combine the three would be a good attack team, you use Maggie’s leader, along with Dwight and Knox and some lacerator or decapitator and a Protector or shield and I think you can do something against Erika teams and I say this as an FTP option, to the lives of nothing pjs serves them well


The Visa*


They should buff his heal reduction a buff to 99% just to troll the people who want more decaps


Even at 100% it’s a poor man’s decap.


Go figure not a single Fast Healer in the lot🤦 We need Melee Healers!!
Carley BLOWS!!


We just got Carley as a Fast Melee Healer


But she’s garbage…


But if they’re coming back with full ap and a heal/revive rush, that won’t matter; they’ll recover the whole team before you can do jack. Revived toons shouldn’t be able to act on that same turn.


Dwight is the best character based on lead skill and active, despite already having other options. You can build a team around him. He will complete museum collections for many of us also.

Knox is also not bad but fits more of a niche role. He needs other support characters to be effective.

Maggie is the worst of the bunch IMO. She may work behind Lydia if better options aren’t available.

While I’m here I’ll rant a bit:

I see a lot of crybabying here on the forums but two of the most recent legacies will go a long way for taking out shields. Rose and Dwight, both 66, both line damage, fired back to back will kill a lot. Perhaps put them behind an Andrea lead with a Lori or Governor for nuetralize. Add a Siddiq for a command.

All of these are f2p characters and will give you a respectable attack team, not elite, but decent enough to compete against many teams.


There so bad there worse then my grammar


You, like many people on this forum, need to stop being so “me me me” centred.

Think about it logically. Moaning about free toons being worse than premium toons is like walking into a Nissan dealership and moaning that the Nissan Micra is worse than the Skyline…


It’s funny they rushed the release of these rooms before the new stat buff so they would render them useless in less then 30 days :joy::joy::joy:


What stat buff?


@Dude Last two premier’s have a total Attack + Def + HP of around 500 more than most of the existing 6 stars. The leaked legacy ascendable versions of Donny and Eric were similar.

@Paytoplay - maybe you are right, but given Donny and Eric have also been buffed, at the very least they aren’t only applying it to new premiers


Yeah just saying our complete roster is now outdated


Obviously it’s just to make people spend more, and more and more. They don’t want us to buy/pull 10 toons and be done. No. It’s called a power creep. We’ve all been here before. It’s the $copley way.