New Leaks and Legacy Ascendables 12/5/2018 (2 1/2 are actually interesting)


Could be, but red rose could also be a Valentine’sday event, but good that you brought that up


It is certain they will suck.


SMMFH, Ikr🤦 they need to give us (f2p) a melee healer!! Carley is a stinks and not even close to helpful for a lot of ppl myself included. A legacy fast healer is what we really need besides specialist skill toons. Don’t need or want anymore glass jaw tough toons.


Here you go:

1544083446688 1544083451026 1544083456790 1544083461606 1544083484501 1544083488019 1544083490989 1544083494573 1544083501858

Can you change to these pics please? @Dr.Mekar


Sure (characters)


Finaly scopely is listening to me!!

This is from a year ago or so. Got … to … have … him. Even if he is worse them Harlan!! :grimacing:


Yeah :wink:. Hope they listen to me too (Legendary Allen)


The angles of the heads on the new toons look honestly off to me, kindra reminds me of how Scopely does Carson’s head on toons. Idk but it just looks… Off.


Yeah, he always looked like 2,5D. Atleast the Blue and Yellow One. :grin:


Looks like William will be a Hold The Line character with base stats like that. Similar to wyatts


Or Outlast. Barely anyone has it


Really piling on the special weapons lately scope. Reminds me of the 5 star days when I wasted tons of parts and time beefing up everybodys special weapons just to have 6 stars make them worthless. I smell change in the air and holly is just the beggining


And me as well (Legendary Darius). Guess all there is left to do is wait, Dale is coming sooner or later so why not Allen? Not to mention Darius :heart_eyes:


Oh Yeah, Darius too. He deserves it so Bad. Not only was he a Main Character in the Story, his secondary Death was also the worst


I’ma get Shawn even if hes terrible just because my cousins name is Shawn


When do y’all think dwight will be ascendable? now that he has been leaked?


i bet William is going to be a Human Sheild or something

Christ better be execute it would make sense.

Shawn looks like he works in IT. He will be Follow-Up

NIk will be Hemperage

and Dale will be Command


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