New Leaks and Legacy Ascendables 12/5/2018 (2 1/2 are actually interesting)


Its give informacion how muvh scopes care about players…


please guys, why do another thread, if someone else already did some “similar” thread, think about the feelings of those people who enjoy seeing in their threads “someone answered your …” and worse then force them to write something like: you do not know how to use the search engine? , be considered with others feelings, and for the love of god please check the gramar :rofl:


Re read your sentence lol lots of bad grammar in there.


I merged the threads, perhaps the author can upload the full character dossier instead of the full page screenshots please, that would help tidy it up and let viewers see the character art better. Thank you :slight_smile:


Dale F2P? He comes equipped with a confuse on attack weapon. I think he will be a red command.


I really do think it is time for the next :tough: Dwight to be the somewhat reachable FTP disarm. He isnt going to be a Disarm Michonne but a lot of people are speaking of a FTP disarm and this next Dwight could fill that void. Also, it will differentiate him from the previous legendary Dwight. I could even see Knox being :strong: Bruce’s lesser version as a disarm too.


I’ve been waiting ages for leaks to get here just to say that I appreciate comic chars comeback


I am hoping Knox will be a decap!! Wishfull thinking…


This one is better than yours :v:


I hope you have the enought knowledge to know that you can’t be taken seriously with that name and the posts I saw from you :wink:



Im not sure, theres a :strong: Alpha already :confused:


i need that dwight. i maxed him a long time ago


Are we sure they didn’t mean to put “Red Nose event”?


Awesome idea. I don’t have either in my main region :persevere:


That Maggie will be the SD Maggie? :thinking: Because I remember a leak about a new Tough Maggie(5*/6*)


This is true…I swear if they copy paste his 5* rush and make him Viktors twin I’m done. Knox is my only decent toon from the 5* era so I am hanging on to something grunty.


Knox soon…


Yes that is the maggie from the supply depot


Just think how great it would have been if they’d all surprised us by making Xmas Negan ascendable. Heck, that’d make more sense than having the snowball event be for solange. And twofold for not having to make a whole new 5 star. He could even have solange’s same ability set, it would be just fine.