New Leaks and Legacy Ascendables 12/5/2018 (2 1/2 are actually interesting)


6* Blue Dwight “Somethink to Fear”

  • Rubish Design and not even a Crossbow :neutral_face:

6* Blue Maggie “All Out War”

  • Okay, I guess

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6* Red Dale “Days Gone Bye”

  • FINALLY a Dale, even If his Design is Nothing Special

6* William “The Whisperer War”

  • Looks Cool actually

6* Shawn (Leagues S3)

  • I must say, I actually like this one

6* Nick (Crimson Rose Event)

  • Intresting Event Name…

6* Chris “Fear the Hunters”

  • “A Man’s gotta eat”

Legacy Ascendable Leaks

cant you just post actual pictures and not screenshots? this post hurts my eyes


That dale looks like a ripoff of the 3* version…


Dwight is another F2P blue damage toon. To add on to the hundred million we already have. Here’s to hoping he has something unique that sets him apart, but not holding my breath.

Maggie is a medic, similar to her 5*. Again nothing that will help F2P against the revive/bonus HP/shield/guardian teams.


6* Dale comes with a fixed Confuse on attack weapon.

Bandana guy is actually William the new leader of The Kingdom. His weapon comes with chance to heal 20% hp on attack.

Nerd Guy is Sean from Season 3 of Leagues.

Skater guy is Nick from some kind of event named “Red Rose”. I believe it to be an event, since there are no comic book arcs or chapters with that name.

Veteran Fisher is actually Chris the leader of a group name The Hunters. He’s from the arc “Fear The Hunters”. His weapon comes with a better chance to gain 35% AP when attacking.


Intresting. I didn’t know any of them except Chris. Didn’t regonize him


Valentines :question: :heart:


Can’t wait for all the threads about how op all these future promos are, and how trash the legacy toons are in comparison


Never got that Maggie or that Dwight.

Looks semi alright for new additions.



Like them all apart from…

Dale looks so barren…nothing going on there. For sure F2P lol
Dwight and Chris look like a tier 3…instead of tier 4. There missing something.

William I like he’s Kingdom kitted our but again alittle missing on design.
Really like Maggie.


Could be…


Screenshot_20181205-082318 Screenshot_20181205-082320


There are so many damage toons for FTP that it isn’t even useful anymore. Only way Dwight will be useful is if he’s something special.


That dosen’t quite make sense since both is TBD. Maggie might get a useful buff which there are NONE of. There are already a FTP dwight that’s easily one of the better 6* attackers atm. Maggie for sure if she get’s a buffing rush like her 5*


Maggie looks great.
Great design


I hope this :tough: Dwight is not the same or even similar to our previous :tough: Dwight… It will be an opportunity missed to add some variation to ftp toughs.


What is the point of this Thread? I made a Thread with more Leaks a few Hours ago :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Because this one slaps


because it is just legacy leaks


What’s the point of either of these threads… it gives zero information on the toon.