New leagues is dumb af

The new leagues is stupid. Seems you can’t drop down to lower level platinum leagues. Currently in plat 3 and getting rings seems impossible. Used 10 tickets on old school. Beat the top 5 teams t1 9 of those times and still sat in 13th. Either reduce the number of people in each league, allow us to drop to lower leagues or increase the number of rings given. Currently its ■■■■■■■ stupid. No motivation to move up in league.


I’ve talk about it weeks ago.
Actually players were laughing at me and saying oooooh everyone have enough Rings .
Let’s see how they react now after Rings become almost impossible to get

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Yeah lol. Could see it coming but didn’t realise you couldn’t drop down.

Leagues have become so hard to compete tbh. I also can never seem to win or get even top 3 on any arenas anymore which wasn’t an issue before they tweaked the whole leagues system. If you are an active player it is also hard to drop as well…so you kinda have to be okay with getting 300-400 coins and it sucks compared to what it used to be. Considering tapjoy is really a mess for a big part of player base also, how we are supposed to get coins then? Yeah, you know the answer. It amazes me the stuff they can come with to find a way to push us spending


ive stopped trying to get rings altogether. no point, my activity level as f2p completely excludes me from being competitive in any way.

hope beating me in war is worth an extra car payment to scopely every month.


Lol. That’s why I liked old school. Ftp have as much chance as the biggest whale. Well when it’s domination anyway. Not any more it seems…


Not entirely, but at least it was more fair than other arena modes. The whales will still have perfect weapons, perfect mods and a full roster choice of the most dominating 5* teams while the FTP is probably going to be able to assemble A team with mediocre mods and fair weapons.

At least it’s not the “bring your best” that has such a wide range in available teams, etc.

Once you get to diamond it’s only top 30 who get promoted and arenas are shit I used to do kinda decent but now I can t1 all 5 def and still not get top 40 just cause other people get better rng matches also hard to get top 50 so I just gave up on arenas even tho it’s a big part of league points which is bs

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4 blue andreas and a command dale wins me every old school battle

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Leagues are dead, played it the way it was intended as a F2P and in diamond 1 now, so missed 1 promotion so far, issue is I finish probably in the 60-73 bracket and get absolutely nothing every week😔


I deliberately stalled and didnt get promoted one week, thinking life will get easier. I was so wrong - still cant do anything against the super OP whales I get paired with every week :frowning:


I’ve tanked two weeks, P2 now. Little has changed, whales and insane scores all the way.

By making the leagues ‘more competitive’, scopely vastly reduced my activity - I play only one account instead of three now and even my main is far less active - because why bother in circumstances like that.

Their fixation on making F2P’s life as miserable as possible is simply puzzling to me, as whales need plankton, right? Many other games seem to understand that, but not this one.


I’ve been in plat 3 for a while now. It’s hard for me to climb up esp cause of how arena is a big part of it and it’s the endurance ones those mess up any progression in league ranking. See I’ve scored well in domination ones this week and got to #50ish, but next coupla days it’ll be draft and support squad endurances; top 20-30 will be scored over a mil and I’ll end up in #120ish after it’s over loooool, plat3 for life. Triple platinum.
Paragon mods? What are thoseee


Yep right there with ya cant I cant get past 50th in most I also have a problem of having 1 ticket left and I’m not paying for more cause arenas should not have that big of an impact in league


Come on guys, the “feedback” they have received on the new format has been nothing but positive positive!

We are all obviously doing something wrong since we aren’t at the highest level and ranked in the top 3 by now.



Don’t worry. Once the new league season starts with the same system Scopely will release a survey to ask what we all think. Then they will ignore it.



When the league season ends, everyone will be reset back to gold 1. The new system is supposed to have this built in reset so you get the illusion of climbing through the ranks every once in awhile.

I got my Jason cards, I don’t expect to travel up any higher than that judging by the scores I see people putting up in my league.

You don’t really need to drop down. You just stay out of the promotion zone and let the whales move up first.

And they will make another Glenn for next leagues and gold bricks events